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Our corporate governance supports our overall value creation process, taking a holistic view of the business. Our board structures provide for the delegation of authority while enabling the board to retain effective control. The board delegates authority to relevant board committees and to the CEO, with clearly defined mandates. The CEO and company 
secretary monitor and maintain the delegations of authority and ensure that they are reviewed on an annual basis. Our board is accountable to our shareholders, and an important part of our value creation story.

Governing structures and delegation

The company’s governance structure provides for delegation of authority while enabling the board to retain effective control. The board delegates authority to established board committees, as well as to the CEO, with clearly defined mandates.



Supporting ethical leadership

Ethical leadership is fundamental to Redefine, and the board subscribes to the highest levels of integrity in conducting the company’s business and in dealing with stakeholders. The board has approved a formal code of business conduct that is central to the growth and sustainability of the company and is designed to entrench a culture of intolerance towards unethical conduct, fraud and corruption. This code of business conduct addresses Redefine’s responsibilities to all our stakeholders, is to assist in the elimination of dishonest practices and promote strong business relationships. Redefine has a whistle-blowing facility available to all stakeholders.



Whistle-blowing contact details

080 086 4652 (toll-free)
086 5222 816

Write to PO Box 51006, Musgrave, 4062

King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa 2009 (King Code)

We remain committed to the principles of King III, and are mindful of the changes that King IV will bring about in our organisation. While we are preparing for the King IV recommendations, during the 2016 year we continued to apply the King III recommendations as outlined in the King Code of Governance Principles (the King Code), and materially entrenched the majority of these recommendations into the board’s internal controls, policies, terms of reference and overall procedures. To the extent that any of the principles have not been fully applied, reasons have been provided.

King III Checklist - View