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Responsibility from the top

The Board comprises 13 directors: six are categorised as independent non-executive directors, two are non-executive directors and the balance are executive directors. They've implemented internal controls to provide reasonable assurance in compliance with the Companies Act and the JSE-listing requirements. The Board believes that sound corporate governance practices are pivotal in Redefine delivering sustainable growth for the benefit of all of its stakeholders. It’s why we subscribe to the values of good corporate governance contained in King III and endorse the principles of fairness, responsibility, transparency and accountability.

Stamping out fraud

In an effort to stamp out fraud and corruption, Redefine Properties has secured the services of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd, an independent information-gathering company, to whom employees of Redefine Properties, its contractors, suppliers, customers and tenants can report illicit activities without fear of victimisation.

Our remuneration philosophy

Redefine's remuneration philosophy and strategy govern processes that align our corporate goals with organisational behaviour, to exceed those goals. It’s a philosophy that looks to attract self-starting, high-calibre and appropriately skilled employees who fit our values and culture. Read more about how we promote superior performance in our 2016 Integrated Annual Report.


Acting with integrity

Integrity is fundamental to Redefine. Our values of 'oneness', 'make it happen', 'respect personal relationships', 'mean it' and 'challenge the norm' are supported by a Code of Business Conduct. It’s a code that’s central to our growth and sustainability, as we strive to create a culture intolerant of unethical conduct, fraud and corruption. Read more about the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in our 2016 Integrated Annual Report.

How we manage risk

For us, risk management involves achieving a balance between realising opportunities for gains while minimising adverse impacts. It’s an integral part of our management practice and good corporate governance. Our enterprise risk management of the Audit and Risk Committee provides combined assurance reports to the Board, of internal and external assurance providers. These reports enable the Board to accurately and timeously disclose to Redefine's stakeholders how it has satisfied effective risk assessments, responses and interventions. In this way, the Board retains the ultimate accountability for the governance of risk. Read more about Redefine's risk management process in our 2016 Integrated Annual Report.

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