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Upliftment of children

We support the South African government’s focus on education, development and upliftment of children, as this is vital for our collective future. All our CSI initiatives have the best interests of children at heart.

Redefine’s strategy focuses on the importance of concentrated, measurable impact to intensify our efforts in specified communities. Finite resources mean that if we were to attempt to reach all the communities surrounding the areas in which we operate, our impact on these communities would be diluted. The opportunity for Redefine lies in focused efforts to create ‘pockets of excellence’ in particular communities, which require an emphasis on collaboration with other funders. We have identified Diepkloof in Soweto and Gugulethu in the Western Cape as the first two areas for this wider community focus.

Projects supported during 2015

During 2015, Redefine participated in a number of key projects that align to the strategy of the Group. Staff were encouraged to participate in these national initiatives, as well as various smaller, regional projects in the communities in which they live and work.

National projects – Diepkloof

Buskaid Music Academy

Buskaid Music Academy is a Soweto-based project that teaches children to play classical stringed instruments. As children learn the skills and discipline needed to become accomplished musicians, their physical and intellectual development also blossoms. Standout students are offered the life-altering opportunity to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The Maharishi Institute

The Maharishi Institute was created in 2007 and provides support to students wishing to access education through accredited educational partners. This is done through a unique, self-standing educational model, which won a Global Education Award in 2010 for innovation. In support of our Diepkloof community project, seven students from this area were financially supported with full bursaries for 2015.

National projects – Gugulethu

The Amandla EduFootball model uses football to provide an accessible way to help develop children in areas with very few opportunities. Like little else, soccer has the ability to draw young people off the street into ‘Safe Hubs’ that provide a place of physical and emotional safety, in which young people’s rights are recognised, their responsibilities are encouraged, and their potential is realised. Redefine has partnered with The Property Foundation on this project, in an attempt to mobilise a collaborative approach to create a wider impact in the community.

Collaborating with our employees to make a difference

Redefine introduced a staff fund to ensure our employees get actively involved in making a difference in the communities where they work or live.

The Reach For a Dream Foundation's vision is to bring hope and inspiration to children with life-threatening illnesses, by making their wildest dreams come true.

Redefine again partnered with Reach For a Dream during 2015, with employees participating in the Foundation’s initiatives in their regions. The Jabulani Kingdom programme is one of the Reach For a Dream initiatives that Redefine staff participate in. It is a fantastic programme aimed at bringing joy and laughter to kids confined to hospital beds, with professional clowns and magicians entertaining the ailing children with magic tricks, balloon sculptures, jokes and stories.

Our staff involved themselves in several regional projects during the past year. Read more about this in our Social, Ethics and Sustainability Report.


Take a deeper look at our CSI initiatives criteria. While our CSI funding is set for the next three years, we would like to receive proposal ideas from you. Feel free to email