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Keeping the balance

We recognise the need to ensure a balance between environmental, social and economic factors, as pillars upon which to create a sustainable business. Environmental responsibility is a core principle that guides the Company and upon which its future success rests. We have identified three specific areas of environmental responsibility:

  • Understand how our business impacts the environment and how we can take control of our own environmental footprint.
  • Be aware of and respond to external environmental challenges, and monitor how they impact the business.
  • Realise that environmental responsibility has a significant influence on staff, shareholders, tenants, partners and suppliers, and that we must endeavour to create awareness and change at all levels of society, where it has an impact.

Our responsibility

Our environmental responsibility policy covers all operations of Redefine. The maintenance, integration and constant updating of this policy is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer. The policy is sanctioned by Redefine’s Board of Directors and also has the buy-in of key business unit leaders within the organisation.

Committing resources

We acknowledge that without making the right resources available to implement our environmental policy, it will not have the impact that we desire. We’re committed to making the resources available to ensure the effective integration, management and implementation of this policy. These resources will include external expertise to advise on specific environmental issues that need resolving, as well as training Redefine employees to ensure that they have the desired level of competence required to implement this policy.

Creating awareness and training will extend to suppliers and partners, who will be asked to evaluate their own environmental performance on an annual basis.