Our Development Approach

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Tailor-made properties

While growing our portfolio with strategic acquisition of high-grade, well-located properties and disposing of properties that no longer fit our investment criteria, the development team allows Redefine to select the best properties to add to our holdings. It also helps improve the income-earning potential of well-located properties to the benefit of shareholders.

Investment for long-term ownership

We develop for long-term investment, and we are driven by tenant demand. All developments and refurbishments align with strict investment criteria and, in addition to tenant demand, decisions are led by property location, innovative design, pre-lets, yield and the overall value enhancement achieved.

Forward-thinking focus

  • We’re committed to developments

They refine and improve the quality of assets, unlock new income streams, strengthen important client relationships and extend the lifespan of our core properties.

  • Improving the properties we believe in

Refurbishments strengthen our position and our relationships with tenants. We will continue to invest significant time, effort and expertise into refurbishing the properties that fit our strategic criteria.

  • In-house expertise

Our expertise helps to identify and execute the most profitable development opportunities. In the present market, this enables us to achieve better yields from developing new properties, as opposed to acquiring existing built property in key nodes. It is possible to achieve higher yields from redevelopments in desirable locations, than from those available on most new developments, because of the economies of working on existing premises.

  • Redefine the future

For all our developments, quality and safety are essential. We have taken a policy decision that, where possible, all our new buildings will be constructed to at least 4-star Green Building Council of South Africa standards.