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Integrated report suite

2016: A year of alignment – Focusing on what matters most
(Andrew König, Chief executive officer)

In an increasingly complex and volatile operating environment, there’s no such thing as business as usual. During 2016, we centred our efforts on getting the fundamentals right – positioning our business to respond agilely and, in so doing, to grow. This involved refreshing our strategy – focusing on only what matters most – to capture opportunity amidst the challenges we face.

Embedding integrated thinking – Reporting against the six capitals
(Leon Kok, Financial director)

To deliver sustainable benefit to our stakeholders, we believe we need to integrate broader value systems into our thinking – social and relational, human, intellectual and natural – to add to the manufactured and financial we so readily focus on. This type of integrated thinking is what will ensure our resilience and success going forward.




Integrated report suite

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