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Diversified property platform

A true investor can never be risk-averse, but must always be risk-resistant. On the one hand, we need to steer through the ebbs and tides of ever-changing national macro-economic conditions. And on the other hand, we need to counteract risk and ensure continued growth, in spite of these conditions. To this end, Redefine Properties continuously builds an exceptionally diversified and quality portfolio. This diversification is achieved through a savvy, two-tiered approach. Firstly, we purposefully seek out real estate that is best poised for sustained growth, within three key sectors: office, retail and industrial. Secondly, we deliberately procure top quality properties and opportunities across strategic geographic locations - both locally and internationally.

Agile approach

In the investment space, securing income, while accomplishing sustainable growth, remains an ever-balancing act, and even more so, in real estate. It requires tremendous flexibility, coupled with razor sharp business intellect. Which translates into an aptitude for decisive action to effectively counteract risks, swiftly respond to tenant demands and seize those once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunities, the moment they arise. Redefine has mastered this ability – by purposefully doing away with archaic management structures - and strategically enabling agility. Ultimately, this agile approach enables us to remain on course towards sustained growth, regardless of market volatility.

Sustained value

Redefine Properties’ consistent year-on-year growth, is the product of pure strategic intent. It starts with prudent management, and an uncompromising approach to the way we do business to ensure a robust balance sheet. This robust balance sheet in turn enables us to make large scale investments in top quality properties. Properties that are strategically selected to attract and retain top tenants, accomplish steady growth in the short term and secure extraordinary growth prospects in the long run. And it continues with the deployment of a seasoned team of visionaries. Visionaries, who are able to effectively look through and be ahead of the property cycles and ideate bespoke solutions to steer through them. It is through shrewd approaches such as these that Redefine has managed to establish a solid business foundation. A foundation that is ideal for all those investors who opt for judicious investments – that are well-rooted in sustained value and growth. And it is because of shrewd business approaches like these, that ours are one of the most traded shares.

Extraordinary talent

The first thing any investor should ask when considering investing in real estate is: “Who is managing that portfolio?” At Redefine Properties we are ever mindful of the fact that every member of our team plays a significant part in our bigger picture. For this reason, we take the utmost care to shape, mould and empower each and every one of our team members to contribute to our collective strength. This is not by chance, but by strategic design. Our employee engagement programme is appraised as world class. And surveys indicate that our values, vision and ethics are deeply embedded in our DNA. Diversity remains central to our employment strategy, complimented by a strong focus to make sure that we place the right person in the right function. It is this kind of thinking that underpins our human resources strategy and it is what enables us to attract and retain top talent. But most importantly, this is how we ensure that only the best minds are applied to our investment strategy… which is also your investment strategy.


Redefine Properties’ unique people-centred business approach is not just a buzz phrase. It is an astute strategy – that ensures sustained value creation for all our stakeholders. It is through people-centricity that we remain finely attuned to the ever changing needs of all of our stakeholders so that we can continuously tailor our business approach to keep us relevant. Meeting and exceeding our brokers and tenants’ expectations is, for example, vital to sustain and grow our business. And aligning our business with the requirements of government, industry and the communities within which we operate, is key to ensuring sustainability for all our investments. Ultimately, property is our commodity, but people are our business – because we know that a good people strategy is the key to good business. And that, simply put, is the business Redefine Properties is good at.