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The Best of Sandton Commercial Properties to Rent

Redefine offers an extensive range of world-class Sandton commercial properties to rent. Our properties are well-located and they are designed with productivity, functionality, and an aesthetically pleasing work environment in mind. We will now take a brief look at one of these properties, 90 Rivonia Road, to give you a better indication of the type of quality and superb locations you can expect in terms of the selection of Sandton commercial properties we have to rent.

A better location than on the intersection of Katherine Street, Sandton Drive, and Rivonia Road is simply not possible, and having your office address at 90 Rivonia Road will be beneficial in so many ways. As one of the flagship Sandton commercial properties that we offer to rent, this 8-storey building offers the ultimate business address for any corporation in South Africa. Apart from the high visibility that the building will afford you, you also enjoy the benefit of superb access to main routes in Sandton and to the freeways leading to and from Pretoria and Johannesburg. As with our other Sandton commercial properties to rent, 90 Rivonia Road offers a central location with easy access to top hotels, shopping facilities, the Gautrain station, and several upmarket rental apartments.

The superb accessibility is improved even further with the availability of three access points from multilane arterials and, using Sandton Drive, employees and executives have convenient access to the suburbs of Sandton and to William Nicol Drive. The building consists of eight office floors and boasts features such as a high-tech, double-ventilated façade, which maximises the natural light throughout the day and provides for amazing views of the surrounds from anywhere in the building. The interior architectural design optimises space usage with open-plan designs and multiple collaboration facilities. It is a work environment that improves productivity through its layout and overall design. With a central spine-based structure to which two office wings are connected, the building structure is highly functional. The north-facing offices twist slightly on every storey, thereby creating various façades.

If you are looking for Sandton commercial properties to rent that are aesthetically appealing inside and out, you will appreciate the fusion of post-modern and classical design themes in the overall architecture of 90 Rivonia Road. Though the building has a distinctly modern design, the interior is far from cold and clinical. Indeed, the use of timber, in combination with a warm colour tone inside, creates a welcoming ambience. Natural elements, such as African rock, have also been used in the building’s architecture to seamlessly marry the African roots and the modern business look. This building is one of our environmentally sustainable Sandton commercial properties to rent. Advanced technology has been used to ensure optimal climate control and intelligent lighting systems. The airflow created through intelligent façade design and the highly efficient air-conditioning add to the sustainability of the building. It is an energy-efficient building offering a healthy work environment. Indeed, the building is 30% more energy-efficient than the current legislation requires, making it a benchmark commercial property in Sandton.

The building boasts a parking bay ratio of 5/100, 4-star Green Star rating, central location, and a sought-after address. If you are thus looking for the best Sandton commercial properties to rent, 90 Rivonia Road should be at the top of your list. The building has multi-level planting beds and, with several design features supporting optimal integration of nature into the structure, you can expect a tranquil, yet highly productive, work environment.

Apart from 90 Rivonia Road, we offer several other sought-after Sandton commercial properties to rent. Alice Lane is an example of this. It is a 19-storey architectural icon within walking distance from shopping facilities, hotels, rental apartments, and the Gautrain station. It is connected to a lifestyle piazza, offering premium dining facilities. If you are looking for P-grade office precinct space that meets the 4-star Green Star rating requirements, Alice Lane is the answer.

Redefine Properties is known for superb property management, stunning designs, stability, and excellent landlord-tenant relations. View our brochure for other Sandton commercial properties to rent in our property portfolio or download the 90 Rivonia Road brochure for more details on the building.