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Recently Built Light Industrial Properties Near Cape Town International Airport

Importers, distributors, and wholesalers looking for vacant industrial properties are likely to be impressed with Golf Air Park at the corner of Modderdam and Palloti Roads in Airport Industria North, which is located in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Vacant light industrial properties with several green building features are few and far between in the popular industrial and warehouse region of Airport Industria; interested parties should not waste any time in reserving their space at Golf Air Park. The industrial park boasts three access routes, namely Robert Sobukwe Road, the N2, and Borcherd’s Quarry Road. With its close proximity to Cape Town International Airport, it is conveniently situated for the transport of goods to and from the airport.

The central location close to Cape Town Airport also means easier access for employees living in Nyanga, Elsie’s River, and Belhar, whether they travel by BRT, train, bus, or taxi. The industrial areas of Parow, Epping, and Philippi are also readily accessible. As such, tenants of the industrial properties will benefit from the connection roads to important shipping facilities in Cape Town, the close proximity to other industrial parks and the airport, helping to keep transportation costs under control.

It is a secure development, with warehouse units having roller shutter doors to facilitate delivery and transportation of goods from the warehouse units, in addition to ensuring good security. The park is more suited to light industrial applications and is perfect for smaller operations in the freight or service business. The park boasts 24-hour security, perimeter electric fencing, fire sprinklers, and external lights.

Vacant industrial properties ranging in size of 1 000 to 3 000 m2 also became available towards the end of last year in Phase 2 of the development. Units 1 to 4 of Phase 1 measure 14 m from floor to eave, with the remainder of the seven units boasting eaves of 8 m high. Unit 7 is the smallest warehouse, at a size of 1 117 m2, with Unit 1 being the largest in size at 3 246 m2. Unit 5 and 6 are both 1 205 m2 in size, with Unit 4 being 1 770 m2, Unit 3 being a warehouse of 1 779 m2, and Unit 2 being the second-largest warehouse with a size of 2 873 m2. The offices are air-conditioned, helping to create a comfortable office work environment. Office sizes range from 80 to 139 m2 in size and the industrial park covers a total of 12 500 m2. It is zoned as General Industrial 1 and offers 3-phase, 160-A electricity.

Redefine hopes to get a 4-star rating for the project, as the park has been earmarked by the Green Building Council of South Africa for the new Industrial Pilot Rating Tool. Redefine approached AGAMA Energy to assist in getting a Green Star certification for Golf Air Park. With no Green Star rating tool in 2015 for industrial developments, AGAMA Energy and Solid Green worked on the development of an industrial rating tool. What makes Golf Air Park a suitable contender for the Green Star rating is the incorporation of insulation and glazing features, in addition to external shade devices to minimise heat gain or loss for improvement of comfort levels in the buildings, and to reduce energy usage. In addition, metering of energy demands and water consumption connected to a monitoring system for detection of water leaks formed part of the development.

Motion sensors and switches have been installed to reduce power usage, with individual switches for bathroom, kitchen, and office areas. Features such as greywater harvesting for usage of water in irrigation, stormwater run-off treatment for reduced flow and improvement of water quality, usage of water-efficient irrigation systems, and the installation of low-flow fittings have contributed to the green profile of both vacant and occupied industrial properties in Golf Air Park. In addition, a green lease policy is in place, which means that the majority of the tenants of the industrial properties will participate in various environmental projects, including the likes of energy monitoring and management, water-management plans, waste reduction, recycling, procurement of environmentally friendly consumables, and building owner reporting on tenant energy, water, waste, and procurement performances.

Business owners looking for vacant industrial properties suitable for light industrial applications near Cape Town International Airport are invited to contact Redefine Properties for more information.