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Warehouses for Rent Available at the Centrally Located Ushukela Industrial Park in KZN

If you are looking for a warehouse for rent near King Shaka International Airport and in close proximity to the Gateway and Umhlanga shopping centres, the Ushukela Industrial Park with its 27 660-m2 surface area offering 16 mid-size units is a good choice. The units are offered for rent as warehouses and light manufacturing spaces, in addition to industrial spaces suitable for companies operating in logistics.

Located within Cornubia, which will eventually include 25 000 residential dwellings, Ushukela Industrial Park is also close to where many skilled and semi-skilled workers live. Cornubia is a mixed-use area that covers 1 300 ha of land between Phoenix and Umhlanga. As such, companies providing transportation for their workers will benefit from lower transport costs because of the close proximity of the workers’ homes.

Various Access Routes

With the N2 being accessible, the Ushukela Industrial Park is perfectly located for any business looking for a warehouse or light manufacturing space for rent. The industrial park is only 15 km from King Shaka International Airport, providing the perfect address for businesses that import and distribute, or export goods via airfreight. Apart from the N2, Ushukela also boasts excellent accessibility from the R102 and the M41. The Park is only 30 minutes’ drive from the Durban harbour. In addition, businesses importing or exporting goods, or requiring supplies from the Richards Bay harbour, will appreciate the short drive of only 90 minutes to Richards Bay. Larger vehicles will benefit from the ample turning space, enabling easier exiting from the park. Wide driveways help to reduce freight carrier traffic congestion.

Good Security

The park has 24-hour security, perimeter fencing, and access-controlled gate areas. As such, security is good, which is important for insurance purposes and to minimise the risk of vandalism and robberies.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Energy efficiency and green building design principles, which are by now characteristic of Redefine’s newer properties, have also been incorporated in the design of Ushukela. Features such as energy-efficient lights, which allow for tremendous savings in energy and subsequent overhead costs, add to the popularity of the warehouse units in the Ushukela Industrial Park. In addition, energy-saving motorised door systems have been installed. All units have motorised roller shutters for added security and more convenient delivery or collection of goods. Air-conditioning has been installed in the offices to improve office environment comfort levels.


The park consists of the three blocks, each consisting of several warehouses, of which some are still available for rent. Warehouses of various sizes are offered for rent, ensuring that companies with mid-range to large warehouse space requirements can still get prime locations for their light manufacturing, logistics, or warehouse operations. The units’ eave heights range from 6 to 8 m. Block A units have 8-m-high eaves. The warehouses for rent in Block B and C have eaves that are 6 m high. The warehouses have 1,5-m façades. Block A consists of five units, with Block B having six units, and Block C having five units. Each unit consists of a warehouse, a mezzanine, and an office.

Block B in Unit 1 covers a 1 994m2 area with operational costs estimated at R4,30 per m2. It has a parking ratio of 1 bay per 100 m2 and has 3-phase, 200-A electricity supply. Unit 2 in Block B is 928 m2 in size, with an operational cost estimate the same as for Unit 1. The warehouse for rent has 3-phase, 100-A electricity supply and a parking ratio of 1 parking bay per 100 m2. Unit 5 in Block B also has 3-phase, 100-A electricity supply and is also 928 m2 in size, with the same operational cost as Unit 1 and 2. Unit 6 is larger, covering 2 066 m2, and also has 3-phase, 200-A electricity supply and 1 parking bay per 100 m2; operational costs are estimated at R4,30 per m2. Unit 1 in Block C is 2 060 m2 in size, with operational costs also estimated at R4,30 per m2, a parking ratio of 1/100 and 200-A, 3-phase electricity supply. Unit 2 has the same features, with the only difference being its size; it covers 2 353 m2. Various other units are available for rent in Block A, B, and C. Brochures, lease agreements and more information on warehouses for rent are available from Redefine.