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CSI applications

At Redefine, we are committed to moving beyond incremental progress to transformative change – harnessing the power of our business to deliver on our purpose and create a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

Our CSI strategy focuses on the communities around our buildings and takes a demand-driven approach, using meaningful conversations to understand community needs and work with them to co-create solutions. It is underpinned by a demand-driven rather than a business-as-usual or supply-driven approach.

To create real impact, we take an integrated approach, engaging with our community partners to truly understand their unique needs. From here, we work with communities to co-create solutions that are tailored to their challenges, leverage our capabilities to help them achieve these goals and meaningfully empower our stakeholders.

These majority of our CSI commitments relate to what we call our flagship programmes, strategic interventions focusing on the most significant issues in our host communities.

Given the scale of these projects, these programmes stretch over many years to ensure real impact is achieved. To give these large-scale projects the attention and commitment needed, we are no longer accepting applications.

We encourage you to follow our journey as we work to create sustainable change and real value stakeholders.

For more detail on our  CSI strategy  refer to page 4