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Ultimately, we seek to create a more sustainable operating environment for the benefit of all our stakeholders



As a leader in the property sector, we are conscious of and active in our role in protecting and enhancing the environment. Our environmental strategy focuses on facilitating the reduction of our environmental footprint while maintaining a positive effect on asset values and decreasing vacancy rates. We also wish to share positive practices and influence our development partners, tenants and shoppers towards greater sustainability activity.


Our environmental materiality framework

We strive to understand and reduce the impact that external environmental factors such as climate change, energy, water shortages and waste proliferation have on business operations. We consequently identified material issues that require continuous attention.

Redefine has implemented adaptation or mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of these material environmental factors:


Independent carbon footprint verification statement

Redefine’s carbon footprint results are verified by an external third party. The verification statement includes a review of Redefine's
Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions, and a comparison with the activity data from the previous year.
VIEW statement.