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Preserving our natural resources isn’t just a green objective, it’s an overarching business imperative that will define our success for years to come

As a leader in the property sector, we are conscious of and active in our role in protecting and enhancing the environment. Our environmental strategy focuses on facilitating the reduction of our environmental footprint while maintaining a positive effect on asset values and decreasing vacancy rates. We also wish to share positive practices and influence our development partners, tenants and shoppers, encouraging a more sustainable operating environment for all our stakeholders.

Benchmarking our performance

We dedicate the time and resources to participate in various indices because we believe that the exercise of contributing and benchmarking our progress against our peers offers us the opportunity to learn from our results and make the necessary adjustments to achieve our sustainability goals, and thus our overarching business objectives. We continued to measure our environmental impact through the following recognised measures:

For more detail on these measurements and other areas of our environmental strategy, see our ESG report.

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Carbon footprint

Climate change is affecting business. Weather patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and weather events are becoming more extreme. 

We measure our carbon footprint to better inform our approach to reducing our negative impacts on climate change while finding affordable, scalable solutions to making our buildings more sustainable. 

Our annual carbon footprint follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), which includes emissions from operations that are under our direct operational control. Our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory was developed in accordance with the GHGP Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, and we apply the ISO 14064-3 International Standard for GHG verification. 

Our 2019 carbon footprint assessment was independently verified at a limited level of assurance about the above GHG assertions regarding:

Conformance with the general requirements of
the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting Standard
Completeness and accuracy of the calculated
for the 2019 financial year

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