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Focus areas

A purpose-driven approach to business

Our purpose is to create and manage spaces in a way that changes lives. Our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters feeds into this purpose. We remain focused on consistently improving how we manage our ESG considerations, as well as how we report on our progress. 

Our ESG focus areas include:



The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Therefore, we identified specific environmental sustainability priorities that require our focus, including:

- Continuous investment in long-term renewable energy solutions and water-efficiency projects
- Pursuing Green Star SA certifications to validate overall environmental performance of our properties
- Ensuring effective facilities and utilities management
- Improving waste management efforts to reduce waste-to-landfill from buildings
- Ongoing rollout of smart electricity and water meters
- Understanding how our business impacts on the environment (carbon footprint)
- Awareness and response to external environmental challenges
- Raising environmental awareness with our stakeholders
By placing purpose at the heart of our strategy, we connect stakeholder needs to social impacts. We continue to focus on the following:
- Continually striving to improve our compliance with BBBEE requirements
- Supporting the principles of diversity and practising equality of opportunity among all of our employees
- Supporting youth employment, skills development and transformation through learnership and other programmes
- Promoting mentorship within Redefine and encouraging fellow corporates to participate in driving this intervention externally
- Engaging with our communities to understand and manage their expectations and needs and to co-create solutions, ensuring meaningful impact
- Developing sophisticated policies and procedures to effectively manage relationships with our brokers and suppliers


Our board of directors ethically and effectively leads the company through the execution of the following roles and responsibilities:

- Steers and sets strategic direction
- Approves policy and planning
- Oversees and monitors implementation of strategy
- Ensures accountability

King IV Register
The following pages provide a detailed narrative of the company’s application of the King IV principles. Redefine does not follow a tick box approach to governance, but is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement of our governance practices. Where principles are only partially applied, we provide explanations as to how we plan to achieve full application going forward. These explanations are set out in boxes titled “Opportunity to grow value.”  

Our environmental, social and governance report (ESG) 
A detailed account of the group’s holistic performance for the year, including environmental, social and governance elements.
The report also includes the remuneration report and the social, ethics and transformation committee report.
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