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Our purpose drives us to be the change we want to see

Our relational approach to business leads and guides us to achieve our purpose. After all, while property is our commodity, people are our business.


We recognise that a socio-economic operating context defined by rising unemployment, weak economic growth and increasing social instability is by no means the recipe for a sustainable business. Conversely, by seeking to positively impact our social landscape through an informed, targeted approach, we ensure the long-term resilience of our business.

Engaging with our stakeholders


We determine our key stakeholder groups based on an analysis of our level of impact on them, and their influence on our business decisions. Following this analysis, we identify our key stakeholders and set stakeholder goals for each of these. We develop tailor-made engagement strategies for all our key stakeholders.

The Challenge Revolution

We firmly believe that to shape a more sustainable outlook, a shift from social investment to social innovation is critical. In line with this thinking, we launched an initiative called the Challenge Revolution, which encompasses several major business initiatives, including the Challenge Convention series, the Innovation Challenge and The Mentorship Challenge.
These initiatives all reflect our belief that we need to remain relevant and forward-thinking by considering and collaborating with the people in and around our properties to identify and address their real needs in a truly South African way. Through this focus, we are able to tackle real business and social challenges, such as transformation and skills gaps, while remaining relevant and offering better experiences in our spaces.
Learn more about the Challenge Revolution. Click here to watch the video.

To read more on our ESG approach, see our environmental and governance pages.
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