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While property is our commodity, people are our business



We differentiate ourselves through our dedicated people-centric approach to business, focusing on excellence in the context of relationships. We nurture this culture internally and extend it externally in the way we engage with and add value to the lives of our stakeholders. We are committed to upholding the human rights of every person involved in our business, investing in both our social and relationship capital (our external stakeholders) and our human capital (our employees) to create and sustain meaningful value for every person in our value chain.


Taking an integrated approach to stakeholder engagement


We believe that it is our unique approach to relationships that sets us apart and allows us to deliver sustained growth to all our stakeholders.

We invest in understanding our stakeholders’ views and needs, recognising that the quality of these relationships determines the continued success of our business and our brand. We understand that while advertising has its place in brand development and positioning, it largely serves to create familiarity with a brand and its objectives. To cultivate a solid reputation, and to truly grow our social and relationship capital, the promises that are made in our advertising campaigns have to be kept in the way our stakeholders experience our company.

To this end, an integrated stakeholder engagement strategy is central to the development and maintenance of our social and relationship capital. We believe we have firmly positioned the Redefine brand, with a valuation of more than R6 billion (according to the Interbrand valuation conducted in 2016), and going forward our primary focus is to ensure that this positioning is in line with what our stakeholders experience at every interaction and touchpoint with Redefine.