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Socioeconomic impact strategy

Socioeconomic development strategy (SED) applications

At Redefine, we are committed to moving beyond incremental progress to transformative change – harnessing the power of our business to deliver on our purpose and create a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

The evolution of corporate social investment (CSI) to a socioeconomic development strategy (SED) forms part of our overall impact framework, and all activity that aims to make an impact on our communities is included in one strategy (this includes both socioeconomic impact and CSI). Our SED strategy focuses on maximising opportunities and mitigating risks throughout the building life cycle, leveraging our relationships with stakeholders and aligning with our primary and secondary United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Our externally focused socioeconomic transformation initiatives are a critical component of the overall transformation strategy, along with our flagship, non-flagship, and ad hoc activities. We collaborate with communities to jointly develop solutions that are specific to their problems. We then use our expertise to support them in achieving their objectives and effectively engage our stakeholders.

Given the scale of these projects, these programmes stretch over many years to ensure that real impact is achieved. We encourage you to follow our journey as we work to create sustainable change and real value for stakeholders.

For more information, please contact Pearl Sekgobela via email on [email protected].