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2018 Integrated Reports

Where purpose and responsibility meet

At Redefine, we want to be the best, not necessarily the biggest, South African REIT. For us, value encompasses more than profitability or size. Our strategy is centred around people and this is communicated through our tagline: “We’re not landlords. We’re people.” and this captures what real values means to us. Relationships are central to who we are and what we want to achieve. In 2018 we focused on driving positive change and sustainable business growth – for us, this is where purpose and responsibility meet, which we believe are the key enablers of our ability to meet our stakeholders’ needs.

DOWNLOAD VIEW Our integrated report (IR) is the primary report to our stakeholders. It is structured to show the relationship between the interdependent elements involved in our value creation story

DOWNLOAD VIEW Group annual financial statements (AFS) is a comprehensive report of the group’s financial performance for the year

DOWNLOAD VIEW Environmental, social and governance report (ESG) is a detailed account of the group’s holistic performance for the year, covering environmental, social and governance elements. The report also includes the remuneration report as well as the social, ethics and transformation committee report

DOWNLOAD VIEW Notice of annual general meeting (AGM) provides supporting information for shareholders to participate in the AGM