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Notice of annual general meeting of shareholders Notice is hereby given to all shareholders of the company that the annual general meeting (AGM) of Redefine will be held by electronic meeting participation at 10h00 on Thursday, 17 February 2022

Steps to follow to participate in the AGM

  1. Prior registration is mandatory in order to be able to participate in the AGM. Registration can take place by: (i) registering online using the online registration portal at
  2. or (ii) applying to Computershare by sending an email with proof of identification to

2. Once the registration process has been approved, a username and password will be sent either via SMS or email to a shareholder who has pre-registered and is entitled to participate in the meeting.

3. Shareholders can then access the online meeting platform at

The company will bear the cost of establishing the electronic communication, whilst the cost of the shareholder dialling in will be for his/her account. Neither the company nor Lumi AGM can be held accountable in the case of loss of network connectivity or network failure due to insufficient airtime/internet connectivity/power outages which would prevent you from attending, participating in or voting at the meeting.

* Kindly note that registrations will still be accepted up until commencement of the meeting but will be subject to a vetting and verification process, which may delay the receipt of login credentials

Notice of AGM

To register, please go to

To go to the voting platform on the day of the meeting, go to: