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Commercial Property to Rent
27 May 2020

Commercial Property to Rent in Gauteng: Perfect Address and Top Features If you are looking for upmarket and modern commercial property to rent in Gauteng, consider our extensive portfolio in the province. We introduce some of the opportunities to give you an idea of what you can expect when leasing office space from us. 150 Rivonia Road in Sandton It is a highly secure and modern office park with a prestigious address just outside the epicentre of Sandton. The park is still close enough to the Sandton CBD for easy access to shopping facilities and maximising on signage opportunities. The park boasts cubed architectural lines and the offices are set within a lush green environment. With 3 080 m² of prime office space to rent, this commercial property meets every requirement for the perfect office area. It includes a double volume reception atrium that allows for natural light penetration into the building. It also includes a 120-seater auditorium. Tenants have direct access from the basement and other parking areas to the centralised reception area. The commercial property also has backup water and electricity supply. 16 Fredman in Sandton Located at the corner of West Street and Fredman Drive, the modern office building should be high on your priority list if you want to rent luxury office space in South Africa’s number one business hub. Renting space in the building also means having access to a concierge service and the benefit of 24-hour access control and security. The commercial property is accessible from the main routes. In addition, it boasts an address close to the Gautrain Station and bus stops. With as many as 779 basement and 158 open parking bays, it is one office block where parking is not an issue. It is close to the Benmore Shopping Centre, as well as the Sandton Convention Centre. 1006 On the Lake in Centurion Located on Lenchen Avenue North, the six-storey building has been completely refurbished to ensure it meets the office space needs of modern businesses. With its proximity to Centurion Mall, it is the perfect commercial property to rent for a firm that wants to be near a major sport stadium, the Gautrain Station and on the doorstep of Centurion Mall. 2 Pybus in Sandton Located at the Rivonia Road and Pybus juncture, the ultra-modern Pybus with its dynamic lines provides for the perfect blue-chip office environment. If you want to rent office space in Sandton, then you cannot ask for a more prestigious building than 2 Pybus. Standby water and power supply systems are in place. 22 Fredman Drive in Sandton If you want to rent office space in an A-grade commercial property, then 22 Fredman Drive is the answer. The architectural masterpiece is located within walking distance from Nelson Mandela Square, top hotels, and Sandton City, as well as the Gautrain Station. The entire building is available to rent. It has a backup generator while open and basement parking bays are available at a ratio of 4/100. 155 West Street in Sandton The newly renovated building should be the number one choice for office space to rent if you want a prestigious address and an equally impressive office environment. The building has a stunning light-box entrance with a lush overhead roof garden space. The entire building has a futuristic feel to it. 66 Peter Place in Bryanston The stately feel of an Oxford campus is what this commercial property has that makes it the perfect park for law firms, insurance companies and educational publishers. If you want to rent space, slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of Sandton CBD, you will love the tranquil setting of this office park. With paved drive areas, landscaped areas surrounding the buildings and world-class motor dealerships as neighbours, the park has a grandeur to it that makes it perfect as a prestigious workplace. 82 Maude Street in Sandton Another commercial property in the heart of Sandton where you can rent office space, this is a sought-after building for its address and neat offices. The building was recently refurbished. A-grade office space is available. View our full range of properties and get in touch to discuss your particular needs for a commercial property to rent in Gauteng.

Retail Space to Let
21 May 2020

Retail Space to Let in Shopping Malls: Our Centres Meet Your Requirements When it comes to retail space to let opportunities, it is best to select the store that meets the following requirements:  Location within a mall that boasts a high traffic count. Retail space in a mall where numerous marketing and exhibiting opportunities exist. Mall that is close to main routes and easily accessible. Mall with reasonable trading hours. Superb tenant mix with stable food anchor tenants. Wide variety of stores to attract a wider group of people. Affordable rent and reasonable lease terms. Sufficient information available to make an informed decision about the retail space to let. Traffic count is still the priority element to consider when looking for retail space to let. However, it is imperative to work with detailed data provision regarding traffic in front of the mall site, not traffic counts for a site which is located a few kilometres away. The disposable-income demographic information is just as important. You want to know how much money the shoppers have left after having paid essentials, as this will give you an indication of what percentage of their income they can spend at the mall. Consider the other tenants in the mall. It doesn’t help you look at retail space to let in a shopping centre where the tenants are so diverse that it makes shopping difficult for the visitors. Stores that support each other should be clustered. In a mall situation, having more than one clothing store can be beneficial for the tenants. The same goes for having more than one bank or furniture store, restaurant, or fast-food outlet. It is essential to have a food grocer as one of the anchor tenants to ensure visitors have reason to often shop at the centre. You will notice that our malls meet all the requirements mentioned and you can thus select one based on your square metre requirements, demographic factors, and rental budget when you look for retail space to let. To give you an indication of what you can expect from our retail space to let offerings, we briefly introduce one or two malls in our portfolio. Wonderboom Junction in Pretoria Located at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range and on the banks of the Apies River, the mall caters to the shopping needs of families. With its solar plant on the roof, it generates 10-15% of the electricity used by the mall. It is a favourite among families with its many entertainment offerings, which include the children’s play area. Pick n Pay, Woolworths, and Dis-Chem are among the anchor tenants. From an Intercare medical facility to Ocean Basket and Cappuccino’s form part of the tenant mix. The mall has 67 tenants and has ample parking. It has a GLA of 42 706.47 m² and boasts an annual foot count of 5 701 760. Park Meadows in Kensington, Johannesburg The community shopping centre with an array of lifestyle retail offerings has a tenant mix that includes the likes of Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market and Dis-Chem. It is also home to a range of speciality stores, restaurants, fast-food outlets, and fashion retailers. The mall has a GLA of 29 948 m² and has 58 tenants. The annual foot count to the centre comes to 5 200 000. The Boulders Shopping Centre in Midrand If you are looking for retail space to let in an iconic shopping mall, then consider this 46 632 m² mall in the CBD of Midrand. With larger than life rock boulders in the centre of the mall, it offers a unique shopping environment for the people from Midrand. The mall has 24-hour security, features such as three hours of free uncapped Wi-Fi for shoppers, and a tenant mix that includes Pick n Pay and Mr Price among many others. With 102 tenants, the mall can cater to a wide range of shopping needs. It boasts an annual foot count of 12 500 000. The mentioned centres are only a few examples of malls in our property portfolio. With centres such as Centurion Lifestyle Centre, Centurion Mall, Blue Route Mall and Langeberg Mall part of the impressive portfolio, we offer exceptional retail space to let. View our range of malls and get in touch for more information on retail space to let opportunities.

Shop for Rent in Shopping Centre
18 May 2020

Looking for a Shop for Rent? Why Tenant Mix Matters If you are looking for a shop for rent in a shopping centre, you will probably consider the key metrics that include the foot traffic count and demographics of the shoppers. You know the importance of stable anchor and secondary anchor tenants. Then there is the matter of location – not only of the shop for rent in the shopping centre, but the location of the mall too. With all our shopping centres already meeting requirements such as strategic location to main routes and ease of accessibility, high foot count and stable anchor tenants, you will not have any trouble in finding a shop for rent in a shopping centre that ticks all the boxes. What About Tenant Mix? A well-managed property portfolio includes a blend of tenants that support each other. An incorrect tenant mix spells failure for the mall because the customers will not be able to get everything they need in just one visit. As such, the centre needs the glue tenants, which are those tenants that bring customers back on a regular basis. Without such tenants in the mix, the customers may visit only once in a while. Without enough foot traffic, the stores suffer and at the end of the day, the mall has a high rate of tenant turnover. If the occupancy rate drops below a certain level, the foot count becomes less, and the tenants lose more income. A mall without a food store can succeed but then needs another major traffic generator. People purchase groceries regularly. This is what brings them back to the centre. Restaurants, fast-food outlets, and snack stores provide for quick conveniences and entertainment value. Business facilities such as communication stores, stationery shops, banks, security providers, exchanges, travel agencies and the likes bring in the business clients and cater to the occasional essentials for other patrons. Clothing stores bring in female shoppers. If the stores cater to family clothing, then children can be expected to come along to the mall. Also consider the importance of retail stores for rent that support each other in the particular shopping centre. If the mall is located close to a school, it may include a grocery anchor tenant, stationery store if the grocery store doesn’t sell stationery, perhaps an art supply provider, fast-food outlets, dry cleaner, shoe repair store, clothing retailers, nail bar, hair salon and perhaps a barbershop, post office, bakery, and a bank. What is important is that the tenant mix should work for the particular demographics of the mall. How We Help You to Make an Informed Decision Regarding Space for Rent You will find that we provide rate cards and shopper profiles for the retail centres in our property portfolio. This makes it possible to get an overview of the target audience, foot count, parking bays, number of tenants, anchor tenants, media facilities and exhibition potential. We understand the importance of a balanced tenant mix to ensure the success of our tenants. That is also the reason why our malls have high occupancy rates. However, from time to time, retail space becomes available. With it in mind, discuss your retail space for rent needs with our brokers and centre management or consultants. They can notify you when a shop for rent opportunity opens up in the mall of your choice. What You Can Expect When Looking for a Shop for Rent in One of Our Malls An example of what you can expect from our centres is the Blue Route Mall in Cape Town. It is located in Tokai and offers breathtaking views of the surrounds from many areas in the mall. The mall is located only ten minutes from Claremont and 20 minutes from the CBD. With a mix of 120 tenants, it caters to every type of shopping requirement. The mall is about convenience, quality, and diversity. Blue Route Mall has a GLA of 56 143 m² of shopping convenience. It has an annual foot count of 8 188 000. Checkers and Woolworths are the two grocery and food anchor tenants. The mall also has a Ster-Kinekor as an anchor for entertainment, while The Foschini Group is one of the clothing anchor tenants. Download the rates and shopper profile cards for more information. View our range of shopping centres under the Other Indoor and Outdoor Spaces category of the Need Space main section. Get in touch for information about shop for rent opportunities in any of our malls.

Shop to Let
14 May 2020

Shop to Let Opportunities in Cities Across South Africa Whether you search for a shop to let in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mossel Bay or Pretoria, our portfolio of retail centres does not disappoint. We briefly share information about three of the retail centres to give you a better idea of the types of shopping centres that form part of our portfolio. But first, three factors that should be considered when you look for a retail shop to let:  Foot traffic Accessibility Co-tenants Foot Traffic Perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking for shop to let opportunities is the traffic count of the mall. It refers to how many people pass the store in a given day, month, or year. The traffic count thus provides you with an estimate of the number of people that may buy from your store. You will notice that each of the malls in our portfolio has a high foot traffic count. This is important as it also means that the potential income-generating capacity is high if you make use of any of our shop to let offerings. Accessibility Where is the mall located? It matters because people tend to shop at easily accessible shopping centres. In this regard, factors such as proximity to main routes, highways and residential areas must be considered. How many parking bays are offered? Is there free or paid parking? How many entrances does the mall have and what are the trading hours? Do commuters pass the centre on route to work or home? Is the centre close to a school, medical centre, or office parks? Once again, our malls meet the accessibility requirement with:  Superb locations Ample parking space Good security Wheelchair-friendly facilities Family-friendly facilities Reasonable trading hours Proximity to main routes, public transport hubs or routes and residential areas Accessible entrance and exit points Co-Tenants The other tenants in the centre also attract foot traffic from which your store can benefit. It thus makes sense to consider shop to let opportunities in malls with high annual traffic and top brands among their anchor tenants. The number of tenants also affects the traffic to the centre. Having a balanced mix of tenants further benefits the retailers. You will find that our shop to let opportunities are in malls with:  High foot traffic Stable anchor tenants Balanced mix of tenants Top brands among the anchor tenants Fair number of tenants to attract traffic Below is the introduction to some of our malls where shop to let opportunities become available from time to time. Goldfields Mall in Welkom, Free State Located in the Welkom CBD, the Goldfields Mall shopping mall attracts visitors from Welkom residential areas, Hoopstad, Virginia, Hennenman, Bultfontein, and Kroonstad. The retail centre is the hub for social activities in the region. With its 37 789 m² retail space, it provides for a convenient and attractive town square feeling. National retailers with the likes of Checkers, Woolworths, and Dis-Chem are among the anchor tenants. The tenant mix includes fashion stores, luggage product providers, mobile communication service providers, banks, and eateries. It offers something for everyone. Ample parking space is available. It has 93 tenants, giving visitors a wide variety and thus sufficient reason to visit the mall on a more regular basis. The Mall @ Scottsville in Pietermaritzburg, KZN If you want a shop to let in KZN, consider the amazing features of this mall located in the heart of the city. It is on Alan Paton Drive, which is a busy thoroughfare. The mall has good security and offers a safe shopping environment. Many families frequent the mall with its superb range of offerings that include from eateries to beauty salons, banking facilities and more. The mall has an annual foot count of 4 430 093. It has 48 tenants among which Checkers and Food Lover’s Market count as anchor tenants. Hazeldean Square, Silver Lakes in Pretoria, Gauteng The mall with its open-air character is located in the up-market area of Silver Lakes. It has 36 tenants with Pick n Pay and Woolworths Foods as anchor tenants. Retailers such as stationers, eateries, car wash facilities, vehicle repair centres, beauty salons, and medical facilities provide for shopping convenience at its best. Ample parking space, exceptionally easy access from main routes and proximity to residential areas are among the reasons for the high annual foot count of 2 880 000. The mentioned centres are only three of our malls in South Africa. View the extensive range under the Other Indoor and Outdoor Spaces category and contact us for more information about the shop to let opportunities at any of our centres.

Shop to Rent in Johannesburg
11 May 2020

Top Shop to Rent Opportunities in Johannesburg Are you looking for a shop to rent in Johannesburg? Want space in an up-market retail centre? If so, look no further than our extensive property portfolio in Johannesburg where we have several retail centres where you can rent retail space. Maponya Mall in Soweto This stunning mall, situated to the south of Johannesburg CBD, is located in the heart of Soweto. It opened for business back in 2007. With 70 000 m² of shopping excellence, it houses several national retailers. If you want a shop to rent in a mall with a high foot count, then you will appreciate the 12 500 000 annual foot count of the mall with its 184 tenants. National tenants such as Pick n Pay, Clicks, Ackermans, Foschini and Woolworths are among the anchor tenants. Two shopper clusters can be distinguished. The one group comes from the LSM 5-7 income group and features mostly black female shoppers in the age bracket of 31-39 years. They are the decision-makers in their households when it comes to product purchasing. These females support the retailers in the mall because of the location and convenience offered. The second cluster consists of mostly black female shoppers in the age bracket of 21-29 years from the LSM 8 group. They are the up and coming consumers, who work outside Soweto and are very mobile. Benmore Centre in Sandton Want a shop to rent in the richest suburb of Johannesburg? Then the retail space in the modern and up-market Benmore Centre in Sandton is the answer. Located at the corner of Grayston Drive and Benmore Road, the chic mall with its 23 028 40 m² of retail excellence offers boutique and convenience shopping experiences. Anchor tenants include the likes of Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Dis-Chem with familiar brands such as Rain also among the tenant list. From the finest food outlets to business banking facilities add to the attractive and convenience offerings of the mall. It has an annual foot count of 4,5 million, which is impressive by any standard. With 70 tenants, the mall is a popular shopping destination for the affluent Sandton residents. If you thus want a shop to rent where you can cater to the buying needs of consumers in the upper-income groups, then put Benmore Centre at the top of the list for malls in Johannesburg. East Rand Mall in Boksburg If you want retail space to rent on the eastern side of Johannesburg CBD, consider renting space in this iconic mall in Boksburg. With a GLA of 69 243 m², the mall counts among the largest retail centres in the region. It has 183 tenants and an annual foot count of 12 000 000 (average). You can thus be assured that the mall receives its fair share of visits every day. The centre has four indoor and seven outdoor media sites, in addition to the four exhibition sites. It is visited mostly by consumers from the LSM 7-10 income group. The anchor tenants include, but are not limited to Mr Price, Woolworths, and Foschini Group to name only a few of the top brands present in the mall. Bryanston Shopping Centre Another one of our retail centres in Johannesburg, Bryanston Shopping Centre offers super retail space for rent. The mall has been part of the Johannesburg retail industry for more than 50 years. It is a modern mall that caters to the buying needs of consumers in the upper-income groups. The mall has more than 48 stores, selling from food to hardware, electronics, and luxury goods. Among the anchor tenants are brands such as Woolworths Food and Checkers. It has an annual foot count of 2 100 000 and thus offers high traffic volumes for the retailers. There is an even gender split amongst the patrons. Free parking adds to the convenience factors associated with the trendy mall. It boasts bicycle parking spaces, in addition to vehicle parking spaces. The mall is wheel-chair friendly and has 24-hour security. With many more malls forming part of our property portfolio, we can meet your shop to rent requirements in Johannesburg, whether you want retail space in Midrand, Sandton, Boksburg, Germiston or in the southern parts of the city. Get in touch to discuss how we can meet your shop rental needs.

Commercial Property
04 May 2020

Why Rent Commercial Property from Us? As one of the leading property groups in South Africa, we have an extensive range of commercial properties for rent across the country. The office buildings and parks in our portfolio have the following in common:  Strategic and central location for proximity to other businesses, main routes, shopping facilities, and major public transport facilities or routes. Neat premises, many of which include white-boxed A-grade offices. Backup water supply and generators (for selected premises). Safe work environments that include security and access control. We briefly discuss some of the commercial properties in our portfolio to give you an indication of the features you can expect when renting a property from us. Grayston Ridge Office Park Located at 144 Katherine Street in Sandton, the commercial property boasts good security. It features three office buildings and with sufficient open space, it also has ample parking. With recently upgraded ablution facilities and foyers, the office park fits the modern era of neat and upmarket work environments. The lush and well-manicured gardens that surround the buildings provide for tranquil pause spaces. The M1 is easily accessible from the property. The Grayston Shopping Centre is a 5-minute drive away, making it ideal for lunch-hour shopping and dining activities, while Athol Square, another shopping venue, is less than a kilometre away. The Rea Vaya bus route is close by for the convenience of commuting employees. The commercial property has a backup water supply. Basement and open bay parking spaces are offered at a ratio of 3/100. Lastly, visibility from Grayston Drive provides for signage opportunities. 3 Sturdee Avenue Situated in Rosebank, the modern commercial property is located near the well-known Rosebank Mall. With a stunning landscaped area leading to the main entrance of the building, the ambience is set for an upmarket work environment. The location in the CBD of Rosebank ensures good access to shopping facilities, business partners, and main routes. Basement, shaded, and open parking bays are available at a ratio of 3/100. Rosebank Link Located in Oxford Road in the heart of Rosebank, this Johannesburg-based commercial property features an ultra-modern exterior. It is one of our premium developments and ticks all the right boxes in terms of location. The Gautrain Station is within walking distance for maximum commuting convenience of employees. The Rosebank Mall is another neighbour, providing the ultimate lunch-hour shopping convenience for executives. The Zone is yet another impressive neighbour. As far as prestige and central location are concerned, you cannot ask for a better address in the northern parts of Johannesburg than Rosebank Link. The exterior of the commercial property consists of steel-clad shell façades with strip windows providing articulated maximum natural light penetration into the offices. The flush-glazed northern and southern façades provide for exquisite views of the Rosebank urban landscapes. The commercial property development has been planned to include 18 000 m² office space. The ground floor area is dedicated to modern retail facilities. The offices are connected with a pedestrian walkway to the Gautrain Station. With 15 storeys above ground, the commercial property is set to become an iconic landmark of the Johannesburg skyline. It includes two basement parking levels and five parkade levels. Nine storeys above the podium level are dedicated to offices. The building includes an enclosed atrium that captures the sunlight that filters down to the ground floor walk area. With the lush green spaces on the ground floor, employees have various relaxation areas to rest after a few hours of work. Sustainable architecture and materials are used to create a work and shopping area that meets the sustainability requirements for the four-star Green star rating. The central atrium, for instance, includes green walls that add a natural feel to the building. Renting space in the property thus also means providing a healthier work environment for your employees. Standby water supply and backup generators are in place to minimise the effects of water or electricity supply interruptions on business activities. The parking ratio is 5/100, which is impressive, especially considering that the commercial property is in the heart of Rosebank. The mentioned properties are all located in Johannesburg, but our portfolio includes offices in cities such as Cape Town, Centurion, Midrand, Pretoria, Nelspruit, and Durban, among others. View our range of properties and get in touch for more information to discuss your commercial property rental needs.

Offices Space
30 April 2020

Where to Rent Office Space at the Right Address Renting office space at the right address is essential for several reasons:  The prestige associated with the address and thus the ability to gain credibility because your firm rents space close to other credible brands. Proximity to business partners. Ease of access to main routes and being more accessible for your clients. Ease of access to major transport hubs and routes to make it easier for employees to commute to and from work. Safety and security of the environment for the protection of company assets and people. Proximity to amenities such as conference facilities, shopping centres, schools, gyms, and essential services for the convenience of employees. Suitability of the property to support branding. Enjoyable work environment to promote employee health, innovative thinking, and productivity. Proximity to residential areas. We understand the importance of a strategic address with due consideration of the mentioned factors. To this end, our commercial properties are located at addresses that make it possible for tenants to enjoy the mentioned benefits. We briefly look at some commercial properties in our portfolio to give you an indication of how renting office space at one of our properties benefits you in terms of location. 2 Pybus Road in Sandton Sandton is the business hub of the country. Considered South Africa’s Golden Mile, the CBD of Sandton is home to many blue-chip firms. The suburb is prestigious, properties well-maintained, and infrastructure well-developed to ensure ease of access to public transportation and routes leading to surrounding suburbs and cities. 2 Pybus Road is located in the heart of the Sandton CBD and close to world-class hotels and shopping facilities. The stunning architecture of the property plays an integral role in its visibility. It has an address at the juncture of Rivonia and Pybus roads. The dramatic effect created by the flowing lines and glass exterior adds to its visual appeal. Renting office space in this building gives your business an address in a sought-after precinct. With such a prime location, your office will be just 600 m from the Sandton Gautrain station from where you can travel to the O.R. Tambo International Airport via rapid rail. In addition, the office space at this commercial property is modern and developed with the growth of companies in mind. As such, modular layouts are possible. The building features advanced technologies suitable for contemporary businesses and state-of-the-art security is in place. With the 4-star GBCSA Green Star rating of the property, the offices meet strict sustainability criteria. A healthier work environment within a precinct focused on sustainable business practices and thus reduced environmental impact means a more productive work team and improvement in your company’s environmental profile. The building is 850 m from the Sandton Convention Centre and 550 m from Nelson Mandela Square. Hillside House in Parktown, Johannesburg Parktown has always been a prestigious business and residential area. Empire Road offers easy access to the M1 highway. It is also adjacent to Auckland Park where the SABC and University of Johannesburg are located. From Parktown, it is easy to reach Rosebank, Emmarentia, and other upmarket residential areas in Johannesburg. It also provides good access to the Johannesburg CBD, less than 2 km away. Renting office space at Hillside House gives you access to a well-known mixed-use node. If you are looking for a business property with a distinctly residential feel close to universities, consider renting space at this commercial property. RPA Centre in Fairland, Johannesburg If you want office space separate from a corporate park, but with the security and prestige afforded by a corporate park, consider renting space at the RPA Centre. The exceptionally modern centre is a standalone development. It consists of two floors and has a parking ratio of 3/100 with shaded and open bays available. The property is in Fairland and thus close to residential abodes. Thornhill Office Park in Midrand The 2-storey A-grade office buildings in this park are set in a campus-like style. The neatness and stately ambience of the park add to its prestige and the buildings are surrounded by landscaped gardens. The park has access control and good security. It is 1 km from the M1 Allandale Road off-ramp and 2,7 km from the Boulders Shopping Centre. The property also has an on-site coffee shop. Rent office space in well-maintained and strategically located buildings or corporate parks. Get in touch to discuss your specific space needs.

Offices to Let
27 April 2020

Upmarket Offices to Let in Gauteng and Mpumalanga With an extensive property portfolio, we have offices to let in many of South Africa’s major metropolitan areas. We provide an introduction to some of these offices we have available to let, giving you an idea of the quality, central locations, and relevant features of the commercial properties in our portfolio. 155 West Street in Sandton Sandton is known as South Africa’s Golden Mile and it thus makes sense that so many blue-chip firms are looking for offices to let in this suburb. You cannot ask for a more prestigious address than the Sandton CBD. To this end, the newly renovated 155 West Street ticks all the right boxes. Its architecture is futuristic, echoed by the landscaping style of the surrounding gardens. If you are looking for offices to let in a modern setting, the features of this property are sure to impress. The property has a rooftop garden that adds to the building’s sustainability. It also has a dramatic light-box doorway. If you are looking for A-grade offices to let in the heart of Sandton, this should be on your shortlist. It includes amenities such as an on-site restaurant where employees have an array of healthy dishes to choose from. The property also includes change rooms, shower ablutions, and bicycle parking and storage facilities. With many green features included in the building and its surrounds, employees have a trendy, yet serene work environment. The smart traffic-flow arrangement helps to reduce congestion. It is 600 m from the Sandton Gautrain station and close to world-class hotels. In addition to the mentioned features, all the offices to let in this building have high-speed fibre Internet. 2 Fricker Road in Illovo For offices to let in Illovo, we introduce 2 Fricker Road with its classic campus style and layout. The stately buildings, paved areas, and landscaped gardens add to the appeal of this property. Easy access to Rosebank and Sandton, various restaurants and grocers within walking distance,  backup power supply, and ample parking are more reasons to consider the offices to let at this corporate park. 66 Peter Place in Bryanston Located in Hurlingham Extension 5, this commercial property in a sought-after part of Bryanston offers an address just off William Nicol Drive with Jaguar Bryanston as its neighbour. The park consists of two buildings, each with a ground and first floor. It is 1,3 km from Mediclinic Sandton and 850 m from Coachman’s Crossing shopping centre for the convenience of employees. 90 Grayston Drive in Sandton For A-grade offices to let in the heart of Sandton, consider this commercial property that offers ample parking, and unobstructed views of the Sandton skyline. It is 1,4 km from Nelson Mandela Square close to world-class hotels, and 1,6 km from both Sandton City and the Sandton Gautrain station. Bester Brown Building in Nelspruit As a fast-growing city in the Mpumalanga Lowveld, Nelspruit offers a vibrant business environment. The Bester Brown Building is set in the heart of the CBD, with easy access to major routes to Pretoria and the upmarket residential areas of Steiltes and The Rest. Bryanston Place Office Park With Bryanston being one of the affluent northern suburbs of Johannesburg, it is also a sought-after area for corporate offices to let. Tree-lined streets, private schools, trendy shopping centres, and elegant homes add to the suburb’s character. Bryanston Place is located at 199 Bryanston Drive with good access to routes leading to Rosebank, Sandton, and Rivonia. It is 2,3 km from the Bryanston Country Club. Commerce Square in Sandhurst The park has the perfect address, 9 km from Johannesburg’s central business district and with easy access to Rosebank and Sandton. It is at 39 Rivonia Road, giving it good access to main roads. Shopping facilities are within walking distance. Fairway Office Park in Bryanston Its address at 52 Grosvenor Road provides easy access to the William Nicol off-ramp. It is 2 km and 900 m respectively from the Nicolway Bryanston and Bryan Park shopping centres and 1 km from the Bryanston Country Club. The park boasts well-manicured gardens, a campus-like feel, and a backup generator to ensure ongoing business operations during power-supply interruptions. These offices to let are only some of the many upmarket commercial properties forming part of our portfolio. Use the search facility to find properties in Johannesburg or other cities in South Africa.

Industrial Properties
22 April 2020

Industrial Properties Across South Africa to Meet Tenants’ Needs With an extensive range of industrial properties in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KZN, we are in the perfect position to meet your space needs. Our portfolio is ever-growing and we also regularly upgrade the buildings to ensure relevancy to changing space needs in South Africa. We briefly look at selected industrial properties forming part of our portfolio to give you an indication of the types, locations, and sizes you can expect. 11 Galaxy Avenue, Johannesburg Located in Frankenwald, just north of Linbro Park, this is just one of our exceptionally well-maintained and secure industrial properties in Johannesburg. The units have docked doors and yard spaces. 18 Halifax Road in Pinetown, Durban Located in Pinetown, New Germany, in Durban, this is the ideal property for importers and distributors. It is located in the heart of Pinetown and boasts an address next to a transport hub. The units at this property have recently been renovated. With 3-phase power and container access, it also meets the space needs of manufacturers in the province. Atlantic Hills in Cape Town This development is well-suited for companies looking for space in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The property is situated close to major transport routes in the city. Its location on the N7 makes it possible to extend its logistical operations. The Cape Town International Airport and harbour are both less than 22 km from the development. Few industrial properties boast the visibility of this development from three major routes including the N7, M12, and M13. The development site is adjacent to the M13 (Tygerberg Valley Road) that connects Bothasig and Durbanville. Upon completion of the M12, direct access to the Plattekloof area and the N1 highway will also be a benefit to consider. Brackengate 2 Another one of our impressive developments in the Western Cape, Brackengate 2 offers a superb address on the R300 between N1 and N2. Companies looking for warehouse space or properties suitable for manufacturing will appreciate the many features of this development. The facilities are within a node that connects rail, road, and air infrastructure. Creation in Brits Located at 2 Piet Rautenbach Street in Brits, this property consists of three standalone buildings, each with their own entrances. Two of the premises have warehouse spaces. Located in the industrial area of Brits, this is one of our properties located in one of the outlying towns in South Africa. DAWN in Germiston Located at the corner of Barlow Road and Cavaleros Drive in Jupiter, it is one of our industrial properties located close to important arterial routes. It is the flagship premises for Distribution and Warehouse Networks (DAWN), consisting of a logistics warehouse facility in addition to an administrative head office. 6 Kruger Street in Denver It is another one of the industrial properties located within easy reach of an important highway – the M2. The facility has four overhead cranes, in addition to more than 70 parking bays. GM Coega in the Eastern Cape Located 20 km north of Port Elizabeth, within the Coega industrial development zone and deep-water harbour, the property provides for optimal storage capacity and facilities for logistical operations. With such facilities in place, parts-distribution operations can be accommodated. Midway Park in Midrand Located at 61 Old Pretoria Road in Midrand, it offers superb visibility onto this road. This provides for excellent signage possibilities. The park has good access to the N1 highway and is close to shopping facilities. Murrayfield in Durban If you are looking for centrally located industrial properties in KwaZulu-Natal, consider the location of Murrayfield on 2 Prospecton Road in the Toyota Precinct. With container access, it is perfectly located for importers. It is also close to the N2 and N3 highways. With its proximity to the Toyota South Africa manufacturing plant, it is perfect for parts distributors. S Burde & Co. in Germiston If you are looking for properties suitable for heavy industrial operations, you will appreciate the location of S Burde & Co. on 1234 Davey Street in Germiston South. It can easily be reached from the N3 highway and with its large yard, plenty of product storage, loading, and turning space is available. Refinery Road provides a connection to the highway. Many more industrial properties form part of our comprehensive portfolio. Get in touch to discuss your particular space requirements in the province of your choice.

Cape Town Office Space
15 April 2020

Prestigious Cape Town Office Space for the Blue-Chip Company The growing demand for prime Cape Town office space, especially in the CBD, is met through our range of commercial properties in the city. We briefly look at some commercial properties in our portfolio to give you an indication of the choices you have in Cape Town in terms of office space. Park ONE Located at Heron Place at Century City, this corporate office park offers space for a single or several tenants. It boasts a spacious open courtyard together with several terraced pause areas and a stylish, shared reception area. With such features, it becomes clear why it is the ideal environment to promote employee wellbeing and productivity. The park offers unobstructed views of Table Mountain and the Intaka Island wetland area. As part of Century City in Cape Town, Park ONE also boasts an advanced, open-access fibre-optic network for easy, reliable, and fast Internet connectivity. Tenants also have a wide range of choices when it comes to Internet service providers. Century City has several conference facilities and world-class accommodation nearby, such as the Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, 1,5 km away. With the Century City Conference Centre able to seat as many as 1 200 delegates, large events can be hosted. Renting office space at Park ONE gives tenants access to the 16-hectare conservation area at Intaka Island. The location also provides good access to the Cape Town CBD (10 km), Atlantic seaboard (14 km), and the V&A Waterfront (12 km), in addition to the Northern and Southern suburbs. The Cape Winelands is a short drive from Century City – Stellenbosch is 40 km away. Century City sits right on the N1 and several bus and minibus-taxi routes are nearby. State-of-the-art security that includes 24-hour vehicle and pedestrian patrols, rapid-response units, and CCTV cameras make this a safe and secure work environment. Naming rights are available for single-tenant occupancy. With the park’s proximity to Canal Walk Shopping Centre (600 m) and the beautiful views of Intaka Island and Table Mountain, it is the perfect place to rent office space in Cape Town. Wembley Square Located in Wesley Street, Gardens, it provides a mixed-use space for the modern business that wants shopping, dining, and office environments in close proximity. It is located on the eastern side of Cape Town’s Gardens suburb, known for its hip and trendy character. The precinct consists of three buildings linked to stunning landscaped areas, including a central area that offers state-of-the-art amenities, public-transport access, and superb security, as well as parking. Amenities such as Knead Bakery, Wembley Medi Spa, a car wash, vida e caffè, Furr Hair, Urban Beauty Lounge, Virgin Active health club, and Dermalogica are offered. Basement parking bays are offered at a ratio of 4/100. The Boulevard Office Park If you need commercial space near the Cape Town CBD, look no further than this corporate park in Searle Street, Woodstock. It is an extension of the existing prestigious precinct and connects the current precinct with the extension through a podium level. This makes it possible to ensure a seamless flow of the architecture of the original precinct to the new addition. Aesthetically pleasing surrounds that suit Cape Town’s character, the use of natural light, and the central location of the corporate park add to the appeal of renting space in this precinct. The park includes several green features in addition to superb security. Blue-chip companies such as Sea Harvest, Alexander Forbes, Medscheme, and Swiss Re are among the tenants. Black River Office Park Located on 2 Fir Street in Observatory, this commercial property consists of 13 buildings, all with Green Building ratings. The buildings have solar installations and are very trendy and modern in design. Amenities in the precinct include a hair salon, ATM, and car wash. In addition, it boasts an address close to the Hartleyvale Stadium (750 m) and Observatory train station (650 m). Other amenities range from a vida e caffè to a dentist, on-site restaurant, Sunglass Hut, Adidas retail store, physiotherapist, and world-class boardroom facilities. Basement and shaded parking bays are available at a ratio of 4/100. Professional cleaning services are offered while environmentally friendly recycling takes place. Companies such as Adidas, Oracle, the Green Building Council, and Dimension Data already rent space in the precinct. Get in touch for more information about available Cape Town office space.

Centurion Office Space
08 April 2020

Rent Office Space Near Highways and the Centurion Mall Renting Centurion office space in one of our strategically located corporate parks or buildings provides your firm with benefits such as:  Being close to the N1, N14, and R21 highways and thus good access to routes leading to Midrand, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and O.R. Tambo International Airport. An upmarket setting near other businesses and thus a prestigious address in an area where many other companies operate. World-class shopping facilities nearby, such as Centurion Mall, offering entertainment, banking, and dining facilities. Being close to gyms, medical facilities, hotels, and guest houses. We briefly look at some Centurion commercial properties that form part of our portfolio, giving you an idea of the quality and features you can expect when renting office space in one of our properties. Riverside Office Park Located at the corner of Lenchen Avenue South and Heuwel Road in Centurion, this park offers neat A-grade spaces in a central location. With elegant offices set amongst award-winning landscaped gardens, the park also includes several aesthetically pleasing artworks and tranquil water features, giving a feeling of serenity to this work environment. Exceptional visibility, contemporary architecture, and various breakaway areas are among the reasons to rent space in this sought-after office park. A pleasant, safe, and functional work environment provides the right setting for building a highly productive corporate team. We understand the importance of creating a sustainable work environment that incorporates features to enhance employee wellbeing. To this end, the Riverside Office Park includes additional features such as:  Superb security that includes 24-hour access control. Braai facilities for team-building and other corporate events. Nature walks for relaxation. Being close (1,3 km) to the Gautrain station. Being close to several shopping facilities. Ease of access to the major routes for convenient commuting to and from work. Excellent visibility. Fibre connectivity is available, ensuring tenants have the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective means to connect to the Internet and communicate digitally. Prospective tenants have a choice of A-grade office spaces ranging in size from 290 to 788 m2. Security includes an access-controlled gate with 24/7 security measures in place. To ensure businesses can operate as usual despite service interruptions, the corporate park has a backup generator and water supply. Water use for irrigation is minimised through the drip-irrigation system, adding to the green profile of the property. 1006 One the Lake If you are looking for office space close to Centurion Mall, you cannot ask for better than 1006 On the Lake. The building was recently renovated and is as modern and trendy as it gets. The building offers A-grade space and a prime location. Located in Lenchen Avenue North, it is well-positioned between the two major cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng. The address also provides for easy access to the O.R. Tambo International Airport and the world-class SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium, the latter just 1 km away. Centurion Mall with its many entertainment facilities, restaurants, and variety of stores is just around the corner too – just 300 m away. Renting at 1006 On the Lake provides tenants with an address close to the N1 and N14 highways and it is close to the Rooihuiskraal suburb (5 km) with its large residential node. The address is also close to the Gautrain station (850 m) and bus routes. Good access to business partners in the vicinity, superb road infrastructure, and several other nearby amenities make this address perfect. The corporate block offers a flexible floor plan, giving tenants the opportunity to configure their layouts according to their needs. Parking bays are available at a ratio of 3/100. Centurion Mall Offices Located at 1269 Gordon Avenue, this block, previously known as Lakeside Building A, provides recently refurbished space, a central location, and is annexed to the Centurion Mall. When it thus comes to the convenience of dining, banking, and shopping, renting space in this building should be a priority. The elegant interior, evident in the stylish finishes of the lobbies and modern ablution facilities, gives this building a modern and stately feel. The building has two wings around the central area. The optimal use of light and space suits the needs of the contemporary business environment. Basement and open parking bays are available at a ratio of 3/100. Get in touch for more information about office space available in Centurion.

Sandton Office Space
01 April 2020

Renting office space in the heart of Sandton CBD is the perfect choice for the blue-ship firm that wants a prestigious address, central location and proximity to up-market residential areas. 150 Rivonia Road The modern interior and contemporary exterior of each of the buildings at this Sandton-based office park make for an elegant work environment. Each standalone building is surrounded by ample parking space and lush gardens. The trees are well-established, ensuring sufficient shaded pause spaces. With the standalone buildings, tenants have opportunities for signage to make their brands stand out. The buildings also have interior courtyards flooded with natural light and providing for spaces for lunch and entertainment. The windows are large to provide a connection with the outside world while the double-volume atrium gives it an exceptionally spacious feel. Each of the buildings has balconies for outdoor breakaway spaces. The office park has been designed for efficiency and includes facilities such as a state-of-the-art 120-seater auditorium, fitted with luxury seating and projection facilities for conferences and seminars. If you are looking for office space in Sandton that is set apart slightly from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, you will love the large, well-manicured green spaces surrounding the buildings. Yet the corporate park is still close enough to the business district for easy commuting, lunches, and business meetings. Ample storage space adds to the conveniences offered by this office park. With open, shaded, and basement parking spaces available, visitors and employees don’t have to drive around in search of parking. We offer customisable lease options, ensuring we can meet tenants’ needs at this unique, bright, and modern corporate park. Each of the buildings has two storeys and two basement levels. A combination of single, two, or three tenants per floor or even one tenant for an entire building is possible. Tenants, furthermore, can choose between enclosed or open office spaces, all prepared to white-box standards. For improved security and convenience, tenants have direct access from the buildings to the basement and outdoor parking bays. With 168 basement parking bays and 27 highly secure parking bays, the park offers ample parking at a ratio of 4 to 100. Security is important in Sandton and other suburbs of Johannesburg, so the 24-hour access control is an important feature. In addition, the park has backup water and electricity supply, ensuring business can continue as normal during utility-supply interruptions. The park also features centralised air-conditioning. The N1 highway is only 3 km away, while various public transport facilities are close by. It is also on the Gautrain bus route for easy commuting to the Gautrain station in Sandton. Nearby amenities include the Morningside Virgin Active health club (1,2 km), The Capital 20 West Hotel (400 m), the Faircity Quatermain Hotel (1,3 km), and the Johannesburg Harley-Davidson dealership, in addition to the Mediclinic Morningside, right across the street. 16 Fredman Drive Apart from 150 Rivonia Road, we have office space in buildings such as 16 Fredman Drive at the corner of West Street and Fredman Drive in Sandton. Newly refurbished offices, 24-hour security, and a concierge service are among the many features that make this building a sought-after corporate address. Ease of access from the main highways, its proximity to public transport hubs, such as bus stops and the Gautrain station, as well as standby water and backup power supply are more reasons to rent office space in this modern building. Being walking distance from the Sandton Convention Centre (500 m) and Benmore Centre (750 m), you can understand why the building should feature high on your priority list when it comes to convenient and prestigious business addresses. Basement and open parking bays are available at a ratio of 4/100. 2 Pybus Road The smooth lines of this building with its glass façade and customisable interior units make this an iconic architectural landmark in Sandton. It also boasts a central business address, modern offices, and access control. Standby water and backup power supply are available. Its proximity to the Gautrain station (600 m) and bus stops add to its convenience factor. When it comes to the best locations for your corporate premises, you can rely on us to meet your tenant requirements with our superb range of commercial properties in Sandton. Use our search facility to find office space that meets your needs.

Brackenfell Industrial Properties
27 March 2020

Top Considerations for Brackenfell as Suburb for Prime Industrial Properties We offer an extensive range of industrial properties in the Western Cape, including Brackengate 2, one of the most recent industrial properties in the Brackenfell region of Cape Town. But before we take a closer look at Brackengate 2, let’s take a small detour to discuss Brackenfell first. Why Brackenfell Is Perfect for Industrial Properties Brackenfell is a suburb in the northern parts of Cape Town. It is on the outskirts of the city, en route to the Cape Winelands. The suburb falls under the municipality of the City of Cape Town and it is known for its many schools, malls, medical facilities, sports facilities, large residential area, and many industrial properties. But what makes Brackenfell superb as a location for industrial properties? Apart from the area being close to the N1, Old Paarl Road, and the R300 highway, it offers a residential component. This means employees can live near their workplaces. The nearby schools make it possible for employees to work close to where their children are at school and being close to shopping centres benefits employees and firms alike. For employees, it means that they enjoy the convenience of shopping before or after work, lunch-hour visits to malls, and being close to places where they can grab something to eat. For businesses, the close proximity to shopping malls in Brackenfell means their logistics, warehouse operations, or product-distribution centres can be near many of their clients. Sports facilities in the vicinity of these industrial properties make it possible for employees to participate in team sports or simply keep fit and healthy – healthier bodies also mean healthier minds. Brackenfell is adjacent to Kraaifontein on its eastern side, the popular suburb of Durbanville to the north, the well-known and established Bellville on its western flank, and Kuils River in the southern direction. As such, the suburb is surrounded by residential areas from where employees can have a short commute to their places of work at any of the industrial properties situated in Brackenfell. Introduction to Brackengate 2 Brackengate 2 is one of our flagship industrial properties. It is one of our latest developments and has been designed with several sustainability features already in place. The property is near Bottelary Road (M23) that connects it with the Stellenbosch area and, in turn, also leading to the Swartland region and its towns such as Malmesbury, Porterville, and Piketberg. The 21 000-m2 development also contains a large DIY retail lifestyle section that caters to the shopping needs of earners in the upper-income brackets. Its proximity to the N1 highway only 6 km away is also important since the highway connects Cape Town with the inland regions of South Africa. This is excellent news for product distributors and importers. Fruit & Veg and Checkers have already realised the potential that the strategic address of Brackengate 2 offers and they have set up distribution centres at this Brackenfell property. The Brackengate 2 development offers superb security and easy accessibility to the main roads leading to the Cape Town harbour, Cape Town International Airport, and the central business district of the city. The development is spacious and has ample turning space for large trucks. This helps to reduce congestion and possible delays by ensuring that trucks can easily manoeuvre on the property. True to our commitment to develop functional spaces that meet tenants’ requirements, we offer customisation of our properties to meet our clients’ needs. This unique development in Brackenfell is modern with lush and well-planned gardens. As such, a tranquil ambience is provided. The development, furthermore, incorporates a range of energy-efficient technologies, further boosting its profile as one of the most sustainable industrial properties in Brackenfell. The large pause areas provide employees with the ideal spaces for lunch-hour breaks. The green spaces also help to buffer the property from traffic noise. Fast Internet connectivity and digital communication are possible for tenants, as a sophisticated fibre infrastructure is in place. Security includes 24/7 gated access control, electric perimeter fencing, and camera monitoring. When it comes to the ideal suburb for industrial properties, Brackenfell ticks all the right boxes. With regards to the development suited to warehouse and logistics operations, Brackengate 2 ranks amongst the best in Cape Town. Get in touch for more information about space availability.

Gauteng Industrial Property
27 March 2020

Where to Find the Right Gauteng Industrial Property When it comes to strategically located Gauteng industrial property, we offer a superb range of choices. This is also true for our Gauteng property portfolio when it comes to factors such as:  Visibility onto main roads for signage. Proximity to main transport routes, as well as nearby bus and train services for commuters. Access to arterial routes. Proximity to the O.R. Tambo International Airport, retail centres, and other industrial nodes. Safety and security. Modern and neat facilities. A yard, turning space, and ample parking. To give you an overview of the extensiveness of our portfolio, we briefly look at some of the properties on offer. Midway Park in Midrand Located at 61 Old Pretoria Road, these modern and spacious warehouse facilities boast excellent visibility onto Old Pretoria Road. Easy access to the N1 highway and its proximity to several shopping centres are more reasons to consider renting space at this well-maintained Gauteng property. Mifa Industrial Park in Midrand With its address on 399 George Road, the park boasts a corner stand on 16th Road in Randjespark. The neat, face-brick appearance of the park, 25 suites consisting of warehouse and office components, and the surrounding gardens make this modern property perfect for businesses that want their offices near their warehouses. It is located on a public-transport route for the convenience of commuting employees. Supreme Industrial Park in Steeledale The Steeledale industrial node is home to some of the largest manufacturers and market leaders in industrial operations. Soweto is nearby and with the park located to the south of the Johannesburg CBD, it is also close to several residential areas from where employees can commute to the Steeledale node. The park is located at the corner of Heidelberg and Southern Klipriviersberg roads. Mini factory or warehouse space is available. Precision House in Kya Sands Located at the corner of Kya Sand Road and Precision Street in Randburg, this exceptionally well-maintained park is near many businesses and within a sought-after industrial node. It boasts good accessibility, an office component, and ample parking space. Strydom Industrial Park in Randburg Also located in Randburg, this Gauteng property offers a central location, easy access to the N1 Western Bypass (1,4 km away via Malibongwe Drive), and facilities for light manufacturing or warehouse operations. Wingfield Park in Jet Park This Gauteng property is located at 3 Geertsma Road in Jet Park, boasting good access to the R24, N12, and R21 highways. Its address makes the park perfect for logistics, courier and freight operators, and light manufacturing operations. The units are large, ranging in size from 2000 m2 and up. It also boasts separate office components for each unit. The O.R. Tambo International Airport is only 4 km away with the Rhodesfield Gautrain Station less than 6 km away. The Woodlands International College is situated just over 4 km from the park. DAWN Distribution Centre in Germiston Located on the East Rand at the corner of Barlow Road and Cavaleros Drive, this Gauteng property boasts an address in Jupiter. It is a flagship distribution centre that includes a spacious logistics warehouse and office. Jupiter Extension 1 in Germiston Another Gauteng industrial property located in Germiston, this single-tenant warehouse has an address in the Heriotdale industrial hub. It is adjacent to the N3 highway with the Geldenhuys interchange almost on its doorstep. This provides the property with superb highway visibility for signage. It is suited to warehouse, FMCG, logistics, or light manufacturing use. Denver Industrial Park in Johannesburg The property is located at 256 Main Reef Road in Denver, Johannesburg. It consists of several mini-units to cater to space needs that vary from 150 to 1200 m2. The excellent exposure on Main Reef Road is good for signage. It is also near public transport, the M2 highway, and numerous small shops. 190 Barbara Road in Germiston With its address 6 km from the O.R. Tambo International Airport, this is the ideal property for importers, distributors, couriers, freight handlers, and logistics operators. The property is located in the Elandsfontein industrial node. It boasts superb visibility onto Barbara Road for signage purposes. View all these properties or get in touch for help in finding the perfect Gauteng industrial property for your operations.

Centurion Retail Properties
27 March 2020

Why Centurion Mall is One of the Best Retail Properties in Gauteng Centurion’s location so close to Pretoria is one of the reasons why many people from Jacaranda City shop at Centurion Mall. As one of the largest retail properties in Gauteng, the mall has an extraordinary range of shops, giving visitors to the mall the ultimate shopping experience in Gauteng. Few retail properties can boast the floor space of this mall; in fact, Centurion Mall has 120 000 m2 of shopping excellence. With over 260 stores forming part of the tenant mix, the shopping centre with its mix of open-air and covered areas offers a unique and exceptionally inviting shopping environment. The centre also boasts a setting on the well-known Centurion Lake with several office buildings and blocks located within walking distance or a short drive from the mall. When it comes to the shopper profile, shoppers are generally younger than at other retail properties in Gauteng. The shoppers are most likely to be parents of children that are still at school. Many of them fall in the bracket of single-parent shoppers. Dependent young adults aged younger than 34 and who still live with their parents make up 15% of the shopper total. These shoppers typically do not have children. Shoppers in their nest-building years form about 5% of the shopper total. About 19,9% of the shoppers are Afrikaans speaking, compared to the 15,8% English speaking shoppers. Females make up the majority of shoppers at 51%. The average number of people per household is 3,2 and they have an average of two vehicles per household. If you are thus looking for one of the Gauteng retail properties that cater to the middle- and upper-income earners, Centurion Mall should be high on your priority list. Sales Promotions Due to the higher income levels of the mall’s shoppers, they are less likely to shop with price in mind. A high percentage of its shoppers notice the in-mall advertisements. When it thus comes to retail properties that attract a younger, more affluent, and somewhat less price-focused shopper, Centurion Mall is a prime example. In-store advertisements are one of the most effective advertising media in the mall, as no less than 81,3% of shoppers say that they notice these ads. In-Store Ads On-the-shelf, in-store ads are noticed by 46,3% of the shoppers while aisle-end advertising is noticed by 30,5% of shoppers. Floor advertising attracts the attention of 30,5% of the mall’s shoppers. Trolley advertising is noticed by 29,7% of shoppers and poster advertising by 38,7%. Therefore, it should be abundantly clear that tenants have several advertising vehicles to choose from to bring their promotions and brands to the attention of shoppers – and that many of these work extremely well. As such, they can make use of the in-mall promotion possibilities in addition to their in-store sales promotions. Centurion Mall is one of the retail properties in our portfolio that includes several restaurants and entertainment options and these certainly also draw in many of its visitors. As previously mentioned, the shoppers at this mall tend to be less likely to strictly budget for their shopping. In addition, they have high expectations in terms of good service at restaurants. These shoppers are likely to buy the household brands that are preferred by their domestic workers. The patrons of this mall also often use the Internet and they listen mostly to radio stations such as Metro FM and Radio Jacaranda. The Internet is used several times a day by 11,4% of the mall visitors while 9% of shoppers use it at least once a day. Tenant Mix With over 260 stores offered, visitors have ample reason to regularly shop at the mall. As with our other retail properties, this mall has well-known anchor tenants that ensure regular and large numbers of visitors. Among these anchor tenants are brands such as Ster-Kinekor, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Checkers Hyper, Cotton On, Pep, Foschini, Ackerman’s, Rochester, H&M, and Game. It is leading the way when it comes retail properties that include several facilities to improve shopper convenience, including prayer facilities, family bathroom facilities, kids’ movies, and a connection hub. Get in touch for more information about our available retail properties to rent in Centurion Mall.

Gauteng Retail Properties
27 March 2020

Gauteng Properties You May Have Missed in Your Search for Retail Space Gauteng has no shortage of superb retail properties of which quite a few form part of our portfolio. We proudly introduce three sometimes-overlooked jewels in our extensive portfolio of Gauteng retail properties. Wonderboom Junction in Pretoria Located at the corner of Lavender and Lavender West roads, this is one of the retail properties in Gauteng that boasts stunning surroundings. With the Magaliesberg mountain range and Apies River right alongside, it boasts an idyllic setting. This modern shopping centre has an open-air design that adds to its relaxed ambience. With its address in the warmest part of Pretoria, the mall is perfectly located to maximise on solar power. It has a 7000 m2 solar rooftop plant – the largest one of its kind in South Africa. This solar plant meets up to 15% of the shopping centre’s power requirements. As such, Wonderboom Junction is also one of our many sustainable properties in the province. The centre is also amongst our most family-friendly and best-supported Gauteng retail centres. The children’s play area adds to the convenience of the mall. This play area is next to a restaurant where parents can take a well-deserved break after a few hours of shopping. It is, of course, also popular for kiddies’ parties. With this child-friendly character, the mall attracts many families, a fact worth remembering if you want to rent retail space to cater to a family or children target audience. The convenient location of the mall adds to its popularity as a weekend shopping destination. Among its anchor tenants are brands such as Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Edgars, and Woolworths. Several popular eateries form part of the tenant mix, including Mugg & Bean, Ocean Basket, Barcelos, and Baobab. With the Intercare medical facility also part of the mix, many visitors to the medical centre use the time to perform a few shopping duties. It has an annual foot count of 5 701 760. The tenant mix consists of no fewer than 67 shops and its gross lettable area (GLA) is 42 706,47 m2. Ample parking space is available. Tenants also have several marketing and advertising options and the mall has a website, social-media presence, and a marketing team. Maponya Mall in Soweto Located 18 km southwest of the Johannesburg CBD in the thriving city of Soweto, this modern shopping centre opened its doors in 2007. It provides a world-class shopping experience. Consisting of 70 000 m2 of shopping excellence, it is another one of our Gauteng properties that offers superb retail spaces. Many national brands and numerous local businesses are represented in the mall. With its central location at 2127 Chris Hani Road, it caters to a complex target audience that includes everyone from blue-collar workers to high-income earners. The mall has 184 tenants with Pick n Pay, Woolworths, and Edgars among the anchor tenants that attract large numbers of visitors to the mall. The shopping centre has an annual foot count of 12 500 000. Kyalami Corner in Kyalami, Johannesburg From Pretoria and Soweto to the northern parts of Johannesburg, we offer an extensive range of Gauteng retail properties and Kyalami Corner is one of our newest retail properties. The mall opened its doors in the first half of 2017 to cater to the shopping and entertainment needs of residents from the Kyalami suburb. Located at the corner of Main Road (M71) and the R55, it boasts a central address in Gauteng. The mall has a distinctly elegant and trendy look and feel. Several of the design elements complement the equestrian nature of its surroundings. With flagship Checkers and Woolworths Food stores among the anchor tenants, as well as a Virgin Active health club, it has the ability to generate exceptional foot traffic. The fine selection of restaurants and fast-food outlets and the varied range of retailers make this a popular shopping destination. The mall has a GLA of 27 968 m2, no fewer than 82 tenants, and an impressive annual foot count of 3 285 948. A Jacksons Real Food Market and Clicks also form part of the anchor tenants. With many other Gauteng properties also forming part of our offering, we can meet your retail-space requirements. Get in touch for more information about available space in these and other shopping malls in our portfolio.

Bryanston Commercial Property
27 March 2020

Elegant Bryanston Commercial Property to Meet Your Office Space Needs With numerous Bryanston office buildings forming part of our commercial-property portfolio, we are able to meet your office-space needs in this upmarket suburb of Johannesburg. Bryanston is known for its affluent character, family-like setting, and range of corporate buildings. To this end, renting commercial property space in the suburb provides your company with a prestigious address, tranquil setting, and location within a sought-after residential area of Johannesburg. An introduction to some of the properties forming part of our collection of office buildings or parks serves to give you an indication of what we have on offer. Silver Stream Business Park Located at 10 Muswell Road in Bryanston, the recently renovated property offers an address close to the N1 Western Bypass. Paved parking and drive areas, manicured gardens, and face-brick exterior complement the classic look and feel of the office park. The Nicolway Bryanston shopping centre is just 750 m from the park for maximum shopping convenience during lunch hours. This commercial property has a Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) rating as evidence of its sustainable features. Basement, shaded, and open parking bays are offered with the parking ratio set at 4/100. Standby water and electricity supply are available for periods of service interruptions. Several buildings form part of the office park. Modern central podiums provide for pause and reception spaces. Silver Point Office Park Another Bryanston commercial property that offers a tranquil work setting, this office park with its spacious atrium has recently been renovated. Natural light floods the atrium and several water features add to the serene feel of the communal areas. This commercial property is located between William Nicol Drive and Main Road, giving it good access to the N1 and just 1,7 km from Nicolway Bryanston. The lush garden around the buildings and parking areas forms a noise buffer and offers shaded relaxation spaces. Enough provision has been made for vehicle parking as the office park has a parking ratio of 4/100 that includes shaded, open, and basement parking spaces. Hampton Office Park This Bryanston commercial property boasts a design true to its name. The layout and architectural style remind of the Hampton properties. The park is located at 20 Georgian Crescent East, putting it only 800 m from Sloane Square Shopping Centre and 2 km from Nicolway Bryanston. It is also right next to the N1 Western Bypass. The classic style gives the property flair while the lush gardens offer lovely relaxation spaces. Standby water and electricity are available, with the parking ratio set at 4/100. Open, basement, and shaded parking bays are available. Fairway Office Park As the name suggests, this commercial property at 52 Grosvenor Road boasts an address adjacent to the well-known Bryanston Country Club. Its location also gives it easy access to the highway through the William Nicol Drive off-ramp from Bryanston Drive. The Bryan Park and the Nicolway Bryanston shopping centres are nearby (900 m and 2 km, respectively) for convenient lunch-hour meetings and shopping. Being close just 2,5 km from the N1, Randburg and Sandton are also easy to reach. The neatly kept gardens provide tranquil pause spaces while the brick exteriors of the buildings give the park its corporate feel. Parking is available at a ratio of 4/100. Open, shaded, and basement parking spaces are available. Backup power and water are in place to ensure business operations can continue during service interruptions. 66 Peter Place Located in Hurlingham Extension 5, this stately park reminds one of Oxford or Cambridge. Though it has the classical look of old-style campus buildings, this commercial property boasts immaculate spaces, modern facilities, and stately surrounds. Several water features and classic European-style walkway lights remind one of a bygone time when the masters of knowledge led the way of enlightenment in Europe. This Bryanston commercial property is 1,3 km from Mediclinic Sandton and 1 km from Bryanston Shopping Centre, the Jaguar Bryanston dealership right next door. The office park has two buildings, ample parking space, and tranquil surroundings. The parking ratio is 4/100, with open, shaded, and basement parking spaces offered. This selection of properties forms but a small part of our extensive Bryanston commercial property portfolio. Get in touch for more information on space availability and to discuss your particular office-space needs in Johannesburg.

Sandton Commercial Properties
27 March 2020

3 Top Sandton Commercial Properties for Blue Chip Tenants We understand the importance of a strategic location and recognise the significance of aesthetically pleasing and sustainable work environments. To this end, we introduce some of our Sandton commercial properties to give you an indication of the opulence, functionality, and strategic locations of our buildings. 2 Pybus Road If ever there has been a prestigious business address, it is at 2 Pybus Road. The building ranks amongst our prime Sandton commercial properties for good reason. With its strategic location at the corner of Rivonia and Pybus roads, this exceptionally modern building provides for an easily accessible address. The flowing lines add enormous visual appeal to the exterior and interior of this building and its glass exterior is certainly distinctive. The interior spaces can be customised to meet tenants’ requirements. Boasting a dramatic, yet clean look and feel, the building provides for a work environment that boosts productivity. The smart passive design elements together with technologies have made it possible to reduce the impact of the office building on its surroundings. The world-class security system helps to create a secure work environment while the 4-Star Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) rating of the building serves as evidence of its sustainable character. It is close to the Gautrain bus stop and 600 m from the Gautrain Sandton station ensures easy access to public transport to the O.R. Tambo International Airport and surrounding areas for convenient employee commuting. Major arterial routes are within short driving distance, as are the main highways connecting Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion, and Pretoria. The building is located on the Golden Mile of South Africa, known for its fine-dining establishments, luxurious hotels, and equally impressive shopping facilities. Tenants, furthermore, have the convenience of an on-site speciality coffee shop with a full-service kitchen and catering division. Surrounded by other equally prestigious Sandton commercial properties, the building is situated in an area known for its many blue-chip tenants. Nearby places of interest include the Sandton Convention Centre, Wanderers, and Nelson Mandela Square. The layout consists of two wings surrounding the luscious and well-manicured garden. Each of the wings spans 13 m while a walkway connects each of the floors from the opposite wings. Consisting of nine office floors covering 14 000 m2, it is the perfect business address for a leading national or international firm. Opulence gets new meaning with the luxury elements that are part of the design, including meeting facilities, pause areas, and tea stations. The building also boasts corner terraces that offer outdoor pause spaces with views of the Sandton skyline. Accessibility was an important aspect in the design of the building. Pedestrians, vehicles, employees, and visitors can access the relevant sections with ease without compromising the safety and security of the building’s occupants. The shuttle lift from the parking area in the basement brings visitors to the building’s first floor. With six floors of parking available, the building offers a parking ratio of 4-5/100. Vehicles can also access it from the Pybus Road and easily circulate within the parking areas or go through the passageway that leads to spill-over parking at 90 Rivonia Road. The building also boasts standby water and electricity supply. 82 Maude Street With easy access to Illovo and Rosebank, this is another one of our immaculately maintained commercial properties in Sandton. The A-grade building is located in the heart of Sandton’s business district. As such, it is within walking distance of world-class hotels, Sandton City Mall (600 m), the Sandton Gautrain station (550 m), and Nelson Mandela Square (400 m). Basement parking is available at a ratio of 4/100. All the units are white boxed and the building has standby water and electricity supply. 22 Fredman Drive Another one of our A-grade commercial properties located in the heart of Sandton’s business district, this building boasts an address close to luxury hotels, Sandton City Mall, and other top shopping facilities. It offers standby water and electricity supply. Open and basement parking bays are available at a ratio of 4/100. With such a superb selection of Sandton commercial properties, we can cater to the office needs of blue-chip companies, top law firms, and investment banks alike. Get in touch for more information on these properties or use our search facility to locate other commercial properties in our portfolio.

Western Cape Industrial Property
24 February 2020

Where to Find the Best Western Cape Industrial Property When it comes to Western Cape industrial property, Brackengate 2 ranks amongst the best. Located in Brackenfell, this development has the perfect address for logistics operations, warehousing, and product distribution in Cape Town. With the Western Cape being such a large province, products that are imported through the Port of Cape Town or the airport must be transported by rail or road to the outlying areas and towns. When thus choosing a Western Cape industrial property from where to distribute products to clients in other areas of the province, an address with easy access to the arterial routes, airport, and harbour is essential. To this end, Brackengate 2 meets all the requirements of a superbly located industrial property. Being in Brackenfell, this industrial property also boasts an address close to upmarket residential areas and shopping facilities. Important routes run through Brackenfell, including the R300, Bottelary Road (M23), the N1, and the Old Paarl Road (R101). Bottelary Road is a main road for access to Stellenbosch and the Swartland area of the province and the N1 connects the city with the inland. Brackengate is located on the R300 and, as a prime Western Cape development, it is one of our flagship developments in the province. It covers 21 000 m2 and includes a DIY lifestyle retail component; this caters to upper-income shoppers. True to our commitment to meet tenants’ requirements, the development includes custom-designed spaces for light-industrial businesses. The easy access to the port, Cape Town International Airport, and the surrounding towns is what makes this such an attractive option for companies operating in the import, distribution, and warehousing industries. Fruit & Veg and Checkers have seen the potential and already have distribution centres at the development. Some reasons why the development is considered a prime industrial property:  The various security controls that are in place. Its proximity to the harbour, airport, and main routes. Its easy access to main routes that connect to other suburbs and towns. The customisation available according to tenants’ requirements. The contemporary architecture and modern facilities. The ample turning space on the premises. The large, landscaped areas. The sustainability features. Its proximity to residential areas, business partners, and retail clients. Its energy-efficient solutions. These features make it ideal when it comes to the perfect industrial property from where to distribute products to clients in the Western Cape. Brackengate 2 leads the way when it comes to the future of mixed-use areas in the province. A closer look at some of its features provides insight as to why renting space here is beneficial:  Large open and pause spaces. Rather than only surrounding the buildings with paved areas, the designers have included a green component with several water-wise features, in addition to areas where people can relax. Of course, the lush gardens create a feeling of serenity but is also important to reduce the environmental footprint of economic activity in the city. Green spaces are also important as noise buffers. Internet connectivity and fast communication. Digital communication is the way forward. Webinars, web-based conferences, VoIP, and HD streaming are important for modern business operations. To be competitive, especially when working with overseas suppliers and several branches throughout the country, high-speed Internet, secure voice communication, and the easy use of cloud application use are essential. Sophisticated and reliable fibre infrastructure is in place at the development, making it possible to have all the above and more. Green and environmentally sustainable features. Energy efficiency is essential to keep businesses’ operational costs low. However, it is also important for compliance with environmental regulations and to reduce your company’s environmental footprint. Renting space at this unique Western Cape industrial property makes it possible for your business to reduce its energy footprint and costs. The buildings meet the XA Energy Efficiency requirements, helping you reduce your carbon footprint as well. Secure environment. Improved security helps to reduce insurance costs. The risks of theft, unauthorised access, and armed robbery are considerably reduced when adequate security is in place. Brackengate 2 ticks every box with 24/7 security that includes gated access control, electric perimeter fences, and camera surveillance. Download the brochure for this Western Cape industrial property from our website and get in touch for more information on available space, also at related properties in the city.

Sandton Retail Properties
24 February 2020

Rent Space at the Best Sandton Retail Properties When you rent space in one of our Sandton retail properties, you have an affluent target audience. If the products and services you render are suited to such shoppers, renting space in one of our Sandton properties is thus the answer. Benmore Centre Benmore Centre is one of our exceptionally well-located Sandton retail properties. It is situated in the affluent Sandton and serves people from the upper-income group. It offers 23 028,40 m2 of retail space, including anchor tenants Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, and Woolworths. With an enticing selection of retailers, this Sandton retail property has something for everyone. Everything from deli-based eateries and coffee shops to restaurants and fast-food outlets form part of the culinary mix. In addition, it has banks, electronic goods providers, furniture stores, and jewellers. One of its speciality stores is the well-known Rain. The mall also includes health-food offerings. With its modern and cosmopolitan style, Benmore Centre ably caters to the trendy Sandton crowd.  Shoppers. The mall is one of our retail properties that caters mostly to an audience from the Living Standards Measure (LSM) 6 to 10 income cluster, with the majority of shoppers being female The shoppers are made up of the regular female residential shoppers who are from the LSM 10 income cluster staying in Sandton, the corporate convenience shoppers made up by males and females from the LSM 6 to 8 cluster, and the last group made up of students who attend nearby educational facilities. Tenant mix. The centre features Toy Zone and Baby City among its anchor tenants. If you want to rent in one of our Sandton retail properties offering an extraordinary selection of offerings to visitors, Benmore Centre is the answer. Whether shoppers are at the centre for a haircut, fashion shopping, or visiting the bank, this mall has it all, from a Thai massage to a quick bite at Simply Asia. Its address at the corner of Benmore Road and Grayston Drive gives it a central location in Sandton, a short distance from the CBD. As such, it provides for a relaxed and convenient shopping destination away from the hustle and bustle of central Sandton. Trading hours. With reasonable trading hours, the mall caters to patrons’ preferred shopping times while providing retailers more time to generate income. Trading hours are from Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00, while on Sundays and public holidays, it stays open from 09:00 to 14:00. High foot count. With an average annual foot count of 6 262 036, it certainly meets the standard when it comes to high visitor traffic. Visitors commute to the mall mostly with private vehicles with taxi commuters forming 4% of the shoppers. It has a car count of 165 000 monthly. Marketing. As with all our retail properties, Benmore Centre has a dedicated marketing team for overseeing the advertising, promotion, and branding of the mall. They handle the marketing on social-media platforms, in newsletters, on the website, and at exhibitions. Tenants can advertise on pave ads, digital screens, parking gantries, pillar wraps, and centre lights. They can also use the exhibition spaces for product launches, customer interaction, creating brand awareness, and promoting specials. With a jam-packed events calendar, it provides several opportunities for tenants to maximise their income-generating capacities. Bryanston Shopping Centre – Another of Our Well-Known Retail Offerings In addition to Benmore Centre, we offer other retail properties near Sandton, such as Bryanston Shopping Centre. As one of the oldest and most visited malls in the northern parts of Johannesburg, the mall is as relevant today as it was back in the sixties. It has seen many upgrades through the years, with the latest one putting it ahead of many rival retail properties. It has a style that will stay in vogue for many more years. The mall is just off William Nicol Drive, giving it superb accessibility. It also caters to the upper-income groups of the LSM 6-10 cluster. Among its anchor tenants are brands such as Checkers and Woolworths. Everything from pastry and pets’ accessories to boutiques form part of the tenant mix. When it comes to shopping power, you cannot do better than renting space in one of our Bryanston or Sandton retail properties. Get in touch for more information on available space.