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Brackenfell Industrial Properties

Published: 27 March 2020

Top Considerations for Brackenfell as Suburb for Prime Industrial Properties


We offer an extensive range of industrial properties in the Western Cape, including Brackengate 2, one of the most recent industrial properties in the Brackenfell region of Cape Town. But before we take a closer look at Brackengate 2, let’s take a small detour to discuss Brackenfell first.


Why Brackenfell Is Perfect for Industrial Properties


Brackenfell is a suburb in the northern parts of Cape Town. It is on the outskirts of the city, en route to the Cape Winelands. The suburb falls under the municipality of the City of Cape Town and it is known for its many schools, malls, medical facilities, sports facilities, large residential area, and many industrial properties. But what makes Brackenfell superb as a location for industrial properties? Apart from the area being close to the N1, Old Paarl Road, and the R300 highway, it offers a residential component. This means employees can live near their workplaces. The nearby schools make it possible for employees to work close to where their children are at school and being close to shopping centres benefits employees and firms alike. For employees, it means that they enjoy the convenience of shopping before or after work, lunch-hour visits to malls, and being close to places where they can grab something to eat.


For businesses, the close proximity to shopping malls in Brackenfell means their logistics, warehouse operations, or product-distribution centres can be near many of their clients. Sports facilities in the vicinity of these industrial properties make it possible for employees to participate in team sports or simply keep fit and healthy – healthier bodies also mean healthier minds. Brackenfell is adjacent to Kraaifontein on its eastern side, the popular suburb of Durbanville to the north, the well-known and established Bellville on its western flank, and Kuils River in the southern direction. As such, the suburb is surrounded by residential areas from where employees can have a short commute to their places of work at any of the industrial properties situated in Brackenfell.


Introduction to Brackengate 2


Brackengate 2 is one of our flagship industrial properties. It is one of our latest developments and has been designed with several sustainability features already in place. The property is near Bottelary Road (M23) that connects it with the Stellenbosch area and, in turn, also leading to the Swartland region and its towns such as Malmesbury, Porterville, and Piketberg. The 21 000-m2 development also contains a large DIY retail lifestyle section that caters to the shopping needs of earners in the upper-income brackets.


Its proximity to the N1 highway only 6 km away is also important since the highway connects Cape Town with the inland regions of South Africa. This is excellent news for product distributors and importers. Fruit & Veg and Checkers have already realised the potential that the strategic address of Brackengate 2 offers and they have set up distribution centres at this Brackenfell property. The Brackengate 2 development offers superb security and easy accessibility to the main roads leading to the Cape Town harbour, Cape Town International Airport, and the central business district of the city. The development is spacious and has ample turning space for large trucks. This helps to reduce congestion and possible delays by ensuring that trucks can easily manoeuvre on the property.


True to our commitment to develop functional spaces that meet tenants’ requirements, we offer customisation of our properties to meet our clients’ needs. This unique development in Brackenfell is modern with lush and well-planned gardens. As such, a tranquil ambience is provided. The development, furthermore, incorporates a range of energy-efficient technologies, further boosting its profile as one of the most sustainable industrial properties in Brackenfell. The large pause areas provide employees with the ideal spaces for lunch-hour breaks. The green spaces also help to buffer the property from traffic noise. Fast Internet connectivity and digital communication are possible for tenants, as a sophisticated fibre infrastructure is in place. Security includes 24/7 gated access control, electric perimeter fencing, and camera monitoring.


When it comes to the ideal suburb for industrial properties, Brackenfell ticks all the right boxes. With regards to the development suited to warehouse and logistics operations, Brackengate 2 ranks amongst the best in Cape Town. Get in touch for more information about space availability.