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Brackenfell Industrial Property

Published: 15 May 2018

Why Rent Space in Brackengate Phase 2 in Cape Town?


Redefine is the majority shareholder in the Brackenfell industrial property called Brackengate Business Park, Phase 2. With various arterial roads providing access to this Brackenfell industrial property, prospective tenants will benefit from the strategic address. Arterial connections include the R101, Bottelary Road, the N1, N2, and R102. All these roads connect Brackengate 2 with the various northern suburbs and business districts.


If you are thus looking for Brackenfell industrial property for suitable warehousing or DIY depot rental space for your firm, consider Brackengate Phase 2. With features such as 24-hour security, a superb address, proximity to residential areas from where employees can easily commute, and a location within the distribution hub of Cape Town, this Brackenfell industrial property certainly has a lot to offer. The development covers 90,66 ha, with Stikland, Main, and Triangle being the three development parcels in this Brackenfell industrial property. Stikland covers 165 000 m2, consisting of various erven, of which one is 41 000 m2 in size. Others range from 1000 to 7500 m2 in size. This Brackenfell industrial property is a node on the R300 freeway and it links Brackengate 2 with the N1 and N2 freeways, both roads considered very important for the distribution of products to inland destinations and to the Port of Cape Town.


With Brackengate Phase 2 located within easy reach of the central business district, as well as towns such as Somerset West and Stellenbosch, it is the perfect industrial property for logistics and import companies that need easy access to Cape Town International Airport and the harbour. It is also close to the Brackenfell railway station, which is important for product distribution as well as workers’ commuting convenience. Well-known retail brands such as Shoprite and Fruit & Veg City have already opted to have major distribution centres in this Brackenfell industrial property.


It is also close to Durbanville, Bellville, and Kuils River. Prospective tenants will be able to benefit from signage opportunities on the R300 freeway. What sets this industrial property apart from many other industrial properties in Cape Town is its location outside the traffic-congested industrial areas of Epping and Montague Gardens. Brackengate 2 is considered one of the most valuable industrial properties in the Western Cape because of its strategic location near the Brackenfell CBD. Redefine partnered with Van der Merwe Venter (VDMV) in the development of the industrial property near the growing residential area of Brackenfell. The partnership has proven to be exceptionally valuable in ensuring that the development can meet and exceed tenant requirements in terms of security, layout, quality of finishes, access, and essential features for importers and distributors.




It is a light industrial and business park with a distinctive and modern design, incorporating the latest architectural features for optimal functionality and efficiency. The secure development offers ample parking space, large open spaces, and comfort features. The property includes natural features such as indigenous plants, water-efficient ground covering, shade trees, contoured open spaces, and a park-like ambience.




With more focus on sustainable development, it has become increasingly important to develop energy-efficient industrial and commercial properties. Brackengate 2 certainly fits the bill, because it has numerous features to reduce the carbon footprint of tenants and property development, as well as operating costs.




Another priority for tenants is security. Here, too, we have gone all-out to ensure secure structures that help to reduce the risk of theft, armed robbery, hijackings, and fraud on the premises. Security features include state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring on the roads, 24-hour gate access control, and perimeter fencing.




The Brackenfell industrial property boasts high-speed Internet connectivity, ensuring the fast digital communication required for doing business in a global economy. It boasts optic fibre infrastructure and we can design tenant premises to meet their technology requirements. With the above features, the superb location with easy access to arterial routes, and proximity to residential areas, Brackengate 2 is certainly an industrial property to consider, should you require warehousing space for your company.


True to our commitment to ensure we can meet tenant requirements regarding address and other features, we also offer industrial properties in areas other than Brackenfell. View our full range of properties or give us a call to help your firm find a property to rent in our portfolio that will meet your requirements.