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Bryanston Commercial Property

Published: 27 March 2020

Elegant Bryanston Commercial Property to Meet Your Office Space Needs


With numerous Bryanston office buildings forming part of our commercial-property portfolio, we are able to meet your office-space needs in this upmarket suburb of Johannesburg. Bryanston is known for its affluent character, family-like setting, and range of corporate buildings. To this end, renting commercial property space in the suburb provides your company with a prestigious address, tranquil setting, and location within a sought-after residential area of Johannesburg. An introduction to some of the properties forming part of our collection of office buildings or parks serves to give you an indication of what we have on offer.


Silver Stream Business Park


Located at 10 Muswell Road in Bryanston, the recently renovated property offers an address close to the N1 Western Bypass. Paved parking and drive areas, manicured gardens, and face-brick exterior complement the classic look and feel of the office park. The Nicolway Bryanston shopping centre is just 750 m from the park for maximum shopping convenience during lunch hours. This commercial property has a Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) rating as evidence of its sustainable features. Basement, shaded, and open parking bays are offered with the parking ratio set at 4/100. Standby water and electricity supply are available for periods of service interruptions. Several buildings form part of the office park. Modern central podiums provide for pause and reception spaces.


Silver Point Office Park


Another Bryanston commercial property that offers a tranquil work setting, this office park with its spacious atrium has recently been renovated. Natural light floods the atrium and several water features add to the serene feel of the communal areas. This commercial property is located between William Nicol Drive and Main Road, giving it good access to the N1 and just 1,7 km from Nicolway Bryanston. The lush garden around the buildings and parking areas forms a noise buffer and offers shaded relaxation spaces. Enough provision has been made for vehicle parking as the office park has a parking ratio of 4/100 that includes shaded, open, and basement parking spaces.


Hampton Office Park


This Bryanston commercial property boasts a design true to its name. The layout and architectural style remind of the Hampton properties. The park is located at 20 Georgian Crescent East, putting it only 800 m from Sloane Square Shopping Centre and 2 km from Nicolway Bryanston. It is also right next to the N1 Western Bypass. The classic style gives the property flair while the lush gardens offer lovely relaxation spaces. Standby water and electricity are available, with the parking ratio set at 4/100. Open, basement, and shaded parking bays are available.


Fairway Office Park


As the name suggests, this commercial property at 52 Grosvenor Road boasts an address adjacent to the well-known Bryanston Country Club. Its location also gives it easy access to the highway through the William Nicol Drive off-ramp from Bryanston Drive. The Bryan Park and the Nicolway Bryanston shopping centres are nearby (900 m and 2 km, respectively) for convenient lunch-hour meetings and shopping. Being close just 2,5 km from the N1, Randburg and Sandton are also easy to reach. The neatly kept gardens provide tranquil pause spaces while the brick exteriors of the buildings give the park its corporate feel. Parking is available at a ratio of 4/100. Open, shaded, and basement parking spaces are available. Backup power and water are in place to ensure business operations can continue during service interruptions.


66 Peter Place


Located in Hurlingham Extension 5, this stately park reminds one of Oxford or Cambridge. Though it has the classical look of old-style campus buildings, this commercial property boasts immaculate spaces, modern facilities, and stately surrounds. Several water features and classic European-style walkway lights remind one of a bygone time when the masters of knowledge led the way of enlightenment in Europe. This Bryanston commercial property is 1,3 km from Mediclinic Sandton and 1 km from Bryanston Shopping Centre, the Jaguar Bryanston dealership right next door. The office park has two buildings, ample parking space, and tranquil surroundings. The parking ratio is 4/100, with open, shaded, and basement parking spaces offered.


This selection of properties forms but a small part of our extensive Bryanston commercial property portfolio. Get in touch for more information on space availability and to discuss your particular office-space needs in Johannesburg.