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Bryanston Retail Property

Published: 24 February 2020

Sandton and Bryanston Retail Property to Cater to Affluent Shoppers


We offer retail property to rent in an upmarket shopping centre in the heart of Bryanston, known for its upmarket character. With exclusive residential properties, equally impressive corporate office parks, and some of the best schools and colleges in Gauteng forming part of the unique tenant mix, Bryanston is also a sought-after suburb when it comes to shopping convenience.


Bryanston Shopping Centre


Located at the corner of Hobart Road and Ballyclare Drive, the mall is one of the best-established shopping centres in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. With a history dating back to the sixties, the mall is almost a household name in its community. Don’t let the age of the property fool you into thinking that its architecture is dated. To the contrary, the mall has recently been renovated, ensuring that it stays trendy and boasts a style relevant to the contemporary character of Bryanston. With its modern features, the mall continues to cater to the shopping needs of discerning high-income earners. Over 50 strategically placed retail spaces provide tenants with ample choices. Of course, such a wide selection of retailers certainly adds to the popularity of this unique property in the heart of one of the most affluent regions of Gauteng.


Retail giants including the likes of Woolworths Food and Checkers form part of the tenant mix. This is one retail property where convenience, luxury, and quality converge into an unsurpassed shopping experience. Everything from health restaurants to juice bars, a range of boutique stores, and a selection of coffee shops add to the popularity of the mall. The shopping centre also includes a range of electronics retailers, florists, banks, and healthcare providers. It also houses a range of décor, pets’ accessory, and furniture providers, to name only a few of the many shopping categories covered. The target audience consists of affluent shoppers from the Living Standards Measure (LSM) 6 to 10 groups with 52% of the shoppers being female and 48% male.


Its location just off William Nicol Drive makes this Bryanston retail property easily accessible from other northern suburbs. Numerous corporate parks are located nearby. Retailers thus also cater to the shopping needs of the corporate employees from Bryanston’s surrounding areas. Many of the visitors to the mall come from the nearby retirement villages while parents of children in nearby schools also frequent the centre. Trading hours are from Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00, Saturdays from 09:00 to 17:00, and Sundays and public holidays from 09:00 to 13:00. The mall has an average of 2 547 581 visitors (as measured over the past three years). Parking is free, adding to the convenience factor associated with this commercial property.


The dedicated marketing team oversees the development and marketing of the website and social-media interaction. They also handle newsletters, promotions, advertising, and other branding aspects, which keep the mall in the limelight and a popular shopping destination. Tenants have access to several advertising platforms including pole ads, escalator applications, banners, pave ads, posters, and ramp ads. The strategically located exhibition spaces provide even more opportunities to engage with customers, launch new products, or create brand awareness. The jam-packed events calendar ensures high foot traffic throughout the year. Bryanston Shopping Centre is a popular and well-loved retail property in the northern parts of Johannesburg.


Benmore Centre in Sandton


We also offer the equally impressive shopping mall of Benmore Centre in Sandton. Located within an upmarket area of Johannesburg, the mall caters to discerning shoppers. It boasts a chic and contemporary style. With more than 23 000 m2 of retail excellence, Benmore Gardens has a plethora of boutique offerings. Everything from deli-based diners to speciality stores (including the Rain brand) form part of the tenant mix. Among the anchor tenants are names such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Dis-Chem. The distinctive cosmopolitan character of this property adds to its popularity as the go-to centre for relaxation, fine dining, and boutique shopping experiences. It has high foot traffic, evident in the records showing 6,2 million visitors annually. With such a high foot count, the mall is always busy. The tenant total is 70, ensuring plenty of shopping convenience.


Whether you want to rent retail property in Bryanston or Sandton, you cannot go wrong with a store in these two malls.