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Cape Town Industrial Properties

Published: 24 February 2020

Cape Town Industrial Properties that Impress


Strategically located Cape Town industrial properties are in high demand. Aspects such as their proximity to the Cape Town International Airport, the harbour, main routes, business partners, and transport hubs are important. In addition, factors such as security, the energy-efficiency of the buildings, the presence of fibre infrastructure, and the available customisation options are also important considerations in the selection of the appropriate properties for your company’s industrial operations. We briefly discuss some of our sought-after Cape Town industrial properties to give you an indication of how we can meet your needs.


CTX Business Park


Located on Freight Road, this is one of our industrial properties that is almost on the doorstep of the airport’s freight terminal. Its location in Airport Industria makes this the ideal space for importers and logistics providers. The park is modern and boasts a large, landscaped area surrounding the immaculately kept buildings.


Spearhead Business Park


This multi-tenanted property offers 24-hour security. The modern facility is located at the corner of Freedom Way and Montague Drive in Montague Gardens. This makes it one of our industrial properties that is particularly close (around 10 km) to the Cape Town harbour and port areas.


Brackengate 2


No introduction to our Cape Town industrial properties is complete without a comprehensive discussion of Brackengate 2. As one of our flagship developments in the province, this park, with its lifestyle DIY component that caters to more affluent shoppers, sets the benchmark for sustainable industrial developments in Cape Town. It is located within Brackenfell and quite close to upmarket residential suburbs such as Durbanville, which is around 10 km to the north. As such, executives and managers from nearby residential areas have easy access to their workplace from the various roads such as Bottelary Road (M23), the R300, and the N1. These roads also link Brackenfell to the Mother City’s CBD, the interior of the country, and surrounding towns such as Stellenbosch, as well as the Cape Town International Airport, which is 15 km away.


It is one of our largest Cape Town properties, covering an area of 21 000 m2 of prime development real estate. Both Fruit & Veg and Checkers have distribution centres in the development. When it comes to developments that tick all the right boxes, Brackengate 2 leads the pack. It has excellent security in place, boasts sustainable design features, is an energy-efficient development, and has modern architecture. It also offers superb visibility and easy access to arterial routes.


Open Space


Unlike in the past, when industrial properties featured mostly stark steel and concrete, modern developments such as Brackengate 2 include large open spaces too. The green character of pause areas helps to create a more tranquil environment. With the refreshing ambience of the development, it provides an environment that reminds more of a modern commercial development than an industrial one. The facilities, however, are superior in size and functionality, making this one of our sought-after developments.


Technology for Communication and Connectivity


Fibre is fast becoming essential in the modern business environment; traditional copper cabling for ADSL can no longer compete. Fibre provides for super-fast and highly reliable data transmission and bandwidth. Upload and download speeds are impressive, as modern businesses cannot afford to have slow connections. Many of their applications run in the cloud and using virtual platforms for tasks such as data storage and accounting requires fast Internet. In addition, companies often seek to reduce their communication costs through VoIP technology, which also requires fast and secure connectivity. To this end, the sophisticated fibre infrastructure that is in place is certainly an important point to consider when looking for space to rent.


Green Character


It is also one of the leading industrial developments in terms of sustainable features. All the buildings meet the XA Energy rating requirements. Water-wise features add to the green character. Several other features add to the sustainability profile of the development. Its energy efficiency helps to reduce power costs for tenants.




Company assets and people must be protected. To this end, Brackengate includes 24-hour access control, camera surveillance, and perimeter security. As such, a safe and secure work environment is provided. This also helps to reduce your company’s insurance risk profile.


Get in touch for more information about space available for rent in our portfolio of Cape Town industrial properties.