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Cape Town Office Space

Published: 13 March 2018

Where to Find the Best Cape Town Office Space for Your Firm

Redefine Properties offers superb Cape Town office space for companies looking for neat, modern, well-maintained, and prestigious offices in the Mother City. Perhaps the best example of this is Black River Office Park in Observatory, Cape Town. It is a business park that consists of three parks called South, Central, and North Park. If you are looking for prestigious Cape Town office space, then consider renting space in one of these office blocks. Black River Office Park offers a total of 70 000 m2 of lettable Cape Town office space.

With a convenient location near the N2 freeway, accessible from Liesbeek Parkway, and only ten minutes’ drive from the Cape Town International Airport, it offers a superb location. If you are looking for office space that is also in close proximity to the Cape Town CBD, Black River is the answer. It is located ten minutes’ drive from the CBD as well, with access to the N1 through the M5 (Black River Parkway). It is also near main bus routes, with the Observatory and Salt River train stations within walking distance. As such, employees have several commuting options.

What makes this the ideal park for corporations looking for centrally located, but neat and prestigious office space, are the modern finishes of the park, in addition to its many green features. Heights from the floors to the ceilings are all more than 3,5 m. This ensures improved temperature control and comfort in the buildings. All the buildings have performance glass, in addition to overhangs, which help to shield the indoor areas from direct sunlight and the associated heat transmission. The buildings are surrounded by well-manicured, eco-friendly gardens that help to create a tranquil environment and serve as buffers to dampen sound from the surrounding streets.

Should you decide to rent office space in this well-known Cape Town office park, you will be pleased to learn that various international firms and top brands also have their offices in Black River Park. Companies from various industries, particularly interior design, advertising, IT, cosmetics, insurance, sports, and publishing rent space in the park. With a high parking ratio, your employees will not have to struggle to find suitable parking space. Likewise, your visitors will be able to park near your offices. Of course, security is always a priority and you will not be disappointed with the level of security offered, which includes an automated perimeter gate system, security doors, alarm system, controlled access, and security fencing.

The Black River Office Park became the first office park in South Africa to receive the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) certified Green Star SA rating for all eight of its buildings in the park. The park was also the first office precinct in the country with a Green Star SA Existing Building (EBP)-certified building. In addition, it was the first office park in South Africa to receive a 6-star Green Star SA EBP rating. You thus stand to rent Cape Town office space in a park that has set the benchmark for other office precincts in the country. Indeed, three of the buildings received a 6-star Green Star SA EBP, with another three buildings awarded a 5-star rating, and two buildings awarded a 4-star rating.

Well over 100 companies already rent space in this prestigious Cape Town office precinct and it is considered one of Redefine’s landmark properties. Initiatives that have contributed to the park’s green status include, but are not limited to, features such as the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system at an office park in the southern African region, low-energy LED lights in the common areas, testing of the indoor air quality, sustainable management, recycling of waste, and eco-friendly gardens, which include an orchard and a vegetable garden.

However, should you wish to rent Cape Town office space on the Foreshore, you will appreciate the office space available in The Towers, a refurbished high-rise office block with a convenient location next to public transport nodes, the City Council Office, and the Food Lover’s Market. Redefine gave The Towers a complete makeover, turning it into a modern office building where leading companies now rent space.

With many other office properties in Cape Town, Redefine makes it possible for both large and small firms to get modern offices in the ideal locations.