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Centurion Retail Properties

Published: 27 March 2020

Why Centurion Mall is One of the Best Retail Properties in Gauteng


Centurion’s location so close to Pretoria is one of the reasons why many people from Jacaranda City shop at Centurion Mall. As one of the largest retail properties in Gauteng, the mall has an extraordinary range of shops, giving visitors to the mall the ultimate shopping experience in Gauteng. Few retail properties can boast the floor space of this mall; in fact, Centurion Mall has 120 000 m2 of shopping excellence. With over 260 stores forming part of the tenant mix, the shopping centre with its mix of open-air and covered areas offers a unique and exceptionally inviting shopping environment. The centre also boasts a setting on the well-known Centurion Lake with several office buildings and blocks located within walking distance or a short drive from the mall.


When it comes to the shopper profile, shoppers are generally younger than at other retail properties in Gauteng. The shoppers are most likely to be parents of children that are still at school. Many of them fall in the bracket of single-parent shoppers. Dependent young adults aged younger than 34 and who still live with their parents make up 15% of the shopper total. These shoppers typically do not have children. Shoppers in their nest-building years form about 5% of the shopper total. About 19,9% of the shoppers are Afrikaans speaking, compared to the 15,8% English speaking shoppers. Females make up the majority of shoppers at 51%. The average number of people per household is 3,2 and they have an average of two vehicles per household. If you are thus looking for one of the Gauteng retail properties that cater to the middle- and upper-income earners, Centurion Mall should be high on your priority list.


Sales Promotions


Due to the higher income levels of the mall’s shoppers, they are less likely to shop with price in mind. A high percentage of its shoppers notice the in-mall advertisements. When it thus comes to retail properties that attract a younger, more affluent, and somewhat less price-focused shopper, Centurion Mall is a prime example. In-store advertisements are one of the most effective advertising media in the mall, as no less than 81,3% of shoppers say that they notice these ads.


In-Store Ads


On-the-shelf, in-store ads are noticed by 46,3% of the shoppers while aisle-end advertising is noticed by 30,5% of shoppers. Floor advertising attracts the attention of 30,5% of the mall’s shoppers. Trolley advertising is noticed by 29,7% of shoppers and poster advertising by 38,7%. Therefore, it should be abundantly clear that tenants have several advertising vehicles to choose from to bring their promotions and brands to the attention of shoppers – and that many of these work extremely well. As such, they can make use of the in-mall promotion possibilities in addition to their in-store sales promotions.


Centurion Mall is one of the retail properties in our portfolio that includes several restaurants and entertainment options and these certainly also draw in many of its visitors. As previously mentioned, the shoppers at this mall tend to be less likely to strictly budget for their shopping. In addition, they have high expectations in terms of good service at restaurants. These shoppers are likely to buy the household brands that are preferred by their domestic workers. The patrons of this mall also often use the Internet and they listen mostly to radio stations such as Metro FM and Radio Jacaranda. The Internet is used several times a day by 11,4% of the mall visitors while 9% of shoppers use it at least once a day.


Tenant Mix


With over 260 stores offered, visitors have ample reason to regularly shop at the mall. As with our other retail properties, this mall has well-known anchor tenants that ensure regular and large numbers of visitors. Among these anchor tenants are brands such as Ster-Kinekor, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Checkers Hyper, Cotton On, Pep, Foschini, Ackerman’s, Rochester, H&M, and Game. It is leading the way when it comes retail properties that include several facilities to improve shopper convenience, including prayer facilities, family bathroom facilities, kids’ movies, and a connection hub.


Get in touch for more information about our available retail properties to rent in Centurion Mall.