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Centurion Retail Property

Published: 13 March 2018

Rent Space at Centurion Mall as One of Our Flagship Retail Properties

If you are looking for the best possible Centurion retail properties to rent space, look no further than Centurion Mall. This stunning mall with its unique architecture is located in the heart of the Centurion CBD. With its location midway between Pretoria and Midrand, it is the perfect shopping destination for people from Centurion, Pretoria, and Midrand alike. This gives the mall a large catchment area. In addition, it is in close proximity to one of SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium, one of the most popular in Gauteng. The mall is just off the N1 freeway, and the Gautrain station is within walking distance, ensuring that people can stop over from Midrand en route to Pretoria to shop, and then hop back on the train to Pretoria.

Relaxed Ambience

With its partially open-air setting, numerous restaurants, and modern appearance, Centurion Mall has become a favourite with families, up-and-coming professionals, and businesspeople looking for relaxed and trendy shopping and entertainment facilities.


If you are looking to rent floorspace in one of the largest and best-known Centurion retail properties, there is no better choice than Centurion Mall. It covers 115 300 m2, making it a super mall. Add to this impressive size the number of stores and restaurants totalling more than 200, and you can appreciate why it is such a popular shopping destination in Centurion. The open-air setting adds to its uniqueness, whilst the variety of retail stores provides for more reasons to shop at Centurion Mall, where shoppers can do all their shopping, browsing, and relaxation at one location.

Anchor Tenants

It makes sense to look for retail properties to rent in a mall that has stable anchor tenants to draw large numbers of shoppers daily. Centurion Mall does not disappoint. Anchor tenants include the likes of Checkers Hyper, Woolworths, Game, Edgars, Pick n Pay, and Dis-Chem.

Tenant Mix

As can be seen from the anchor tenant mix, Centurion Mall, in line with our other retail properties, offers a superb mix of tenants. This creates the variety that shoppers need and thus provides more reason for shoppers to return to the mall for all their shopping requirements. The tenant mix consists of well-positioned fashion stores, dining facilities, entertainment, electronics stores, health-related retail shops, and fast-food outlets. A convention centre is under construction, adding to the variety of this unique retail property.

Annual Foot Count

Not many Centurion retail properties can boast an annual foot count of over a million visitors. Centurion Mall has an average of 1,172 million.

Target Audience Profile

Females make up the majority of shoppers. Indeed, female shoppers in the age group of 25-34 make up 34% of the foot traffic and those aged 35-49 make up 36,5% of the shoppers. The shoppers generally fall within the Living Standards Measure (LSM) 8-10+ income group, with an average household income of R30 000 and, on average, 3,2 persons per household (and 1,8 earners per household).

Important Statistics

Centurion Mall is also one of our retail properties that boasts superb mall trading density, at an average of R2577,27 and an average annual car count of 5 418 191.

Trading Hours

Longer trading hours give the retail store owners more time to generate income and are more convenience for shoppers. Centurion Mall, as one of our flagship retail properties, boasts extended shopping hours:

·         Mondays to Thursdays from 09:00 to 19:00.

·         Fridays from 09:00 to 20:00.

·         Saturdays from 08:00 to 19:00.

·         Sundays and public holidays from 09:00 to 17:00.

Marketing Opportunities

As with all our retail properties, we ensure that tenants have ample marketing opportunities. Various events are hosted at Centurion Mall throughout the year, which draw more visitors to the mall to the benefit of retailers. Main events include:

·         Wierie Road Race.

·         Beeld Spinnathon.

·         Carols & The Star.

Advertising opportunities also include use of the exhibition space for product launches, interaction with shoppers, market research, brand awareness, announcement of specials, and more.

Why Rent Space at one of Redefine’s Retail Properties?

We are tenant-focussed and thus ensure that facilities at our rental properties are well-maintained and -developed to meet the requirements of tenants. We also ensure efficiency in energy use. Moreover, we want our tenants to be successful, and therefore create the perfect environments for shopping, to ensure optimal foot traffic to the retailers.