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Centurion Retail Property for Rent

Published: 13 March 2018

Why Centurion Mall is a Good Choice for Retailers in Gauteng

Redefine Properties has a large development capability, which includes the capacity to upgrade, refurbish, and improve the quality of many a Centurion retail property for rent. With the focus on the creation of strong tenant relationships, Redefine Properties ensures that the retail property for rent, also in Centurion, is of the highest quality. Perhaps our best-known Centurion property for rent is Centurion Mall. Indeed, the Mall has been a landmark shopping facility in Centurion for several decades. It first opened its doors to shoppers in 1983 and has, over the years, been enlarged, upgraded, and changed to meet the needs of the growing population of Centurion and its surrounds.

The mall covers a whopping 115 000 m2 and, with its modern and aesthetically appealing architectural design and features, such as central location and easy access, it has become even more popular than before as a preferred shopping destination. With features such as the completely new central atrium on the upper level and the equally impressive Woolworths atrium below, the Mall should be high on your list of priorities if you are looking for prime Centurion retail property for rent.

Good Location

The mall is located in the middle of the Centurion CBD on Heuwel Road and within easy reach of the N1 freeway linking Centurion with Pretoria, Midrand, and Johannesburg. The Gautrain station is within walking distance of the mall, which benefits employees and shoppers alike. As a super mall, it is also popular with shoppers from Irene, Pretoria East and West, and Midrand. It has the perfect mix of shops, offering visitors ample entertainment, relaxation, business facilities, and shopping opportunities.

Shopper Profile

If you look at the mall’s visitor profile, you will understand why we can recommend reserving retail space here, if you are looking for prime Centurion retail property for rent. The typical shoppers are in the age groups 25-34 (34%) and 35-49 (35%). Females make up the majority of shoppers. Shoppers have exceptional buying power, with 69% of them in the age bracket of 25-49. The living standards of the shoppers measure in the LSM 8-10+ group, with the general average of household income being R30 000 per month. This ensures that market-related prices for products in the luxury categories, such as clothing, jewellery, music, furniture, décor, dining, and entertainment are well within the reach of the average shopper visiting the mall. The average household size is 3,2, with an average of 1,8 earners in each household.

Tenant Mix

Over 200 retailers have their stores in Centurion Mall, thereby offering shoppers the variety they need to ensure good visitor traffic to all the stores. Anchor tenants include the likes of Edgars, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Woolworths, Game, and Checkers Hyper. Fashion, entertainment, and dining providers are strategically distributed to ensure the best shopping experience for visitors and maximum earnings potential for the retailers. With a wide selection of restaurants and fast-food outlets, shoppers have every reason to stay longer and thus spend more, giving you even more reason to enquire about Centurion retail property for rent at this super mall. The mall trading density is, on average, R2577,27, with an annual average foot traffic set at 1 172 311,33, an average annual car count of 5 418 191, and total gross lettable area of 115 300 m2.

Marketing Opportunities

No doubt, when considering Centurion retail property for rent, you will want space at a mall where management goes all-out to ensure optimal marketing opportunities for its tenants. Centurion Mall does not disappoint. Key events include the Beeld Spinnathon and Wierie Road Race. Sponsorship opportunities for such events are also available. In addition, tenants benefit from available in-mall advertising and exhibition space. Exhibition marketing has been proven to be effective for new product launches, improvement of brand image, creating more brand awareness, developing interaction with shoppers, conducting marketing research, and getting instant exposure for particular products or services.

Trading Hours

When you rent retail property in Centurion Mall, you get the opportunity to operate for longer and thus maximise income potential. The mall is open Monday to Thursday from 9:00-19:00, Friday from 09:00-20:00, Saturday from 08:00-19:00, and Sundays and public holidays from 09:00-17:00.

Get your space in this super mall. Download the brochure and call us to enquire about Centurion retail property for rent.