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Germiston Retail Property

Published: 13 March 2018

Annual Foot Count of 14,4 Million at the Golden Walk Shopping Centre in the Germiston CBD

The Germiston CBD is an exceptionally busy area and, with thousands of train and bus commuters travelling through the inner city, you should consider renting Germiston retail property in the Golden Walk shopping centre to maximise your store’s income potential. The Golden Walk has a distinctly modern interior, providing retailers a neat and attractive business environment. The centre is located in the heart of the Germiston CBD and is conveniently close to a taxi rank and two (the Germiston and President) train stations. With its location near public transport services, commuters like to visit it on their way home after work. If you are thus searching for Germiston retail property in a busy mall, the annual foot count of 14,4 million should pique your interest.

The single-level, enclosed shopping centre is visited throughout the week, rather than just on weekends, as it provides a thoroughfare for commuters in the mid-city. If you are looking for Germiston retail property where the majority of shoppers are female, you will want to rent space in the Golden Walk. Male shoppers account for about 22% of the visitors. The shoppers come from the LSM 5 and 6 Living Standards Measure groups and are mostly in their full-nest lifecycle stage. This also means more disposable income for shopping. The majority of shoppers speak Pedi, Xhosa, and Zulu.

Balanced Tenant Mix

With strong and established anchor tenants, the Golden Walk provides for a steady flow of visitors to the mall, which benefits tenants of retail property in the centre. Among the tenant mix, you will find leading banks, such as FNB, Capitec, Nedbank, and Standard Bank. Other well-known brands include the likes of Ackerman’s, Edgars, Mr Price, Discount Fashion, and Foschini. With over 45 123 m2 of mall space, the Golden Walk provides for a wide variety of stores to cater to the shopping needs of the visitors. It includes a range of stores to cater specifically for shoppers of home products. Such brands include OK Furniture, Beares, and Sheet Street. The mobile networks MTN and Cell C are also represented in the mall.

Fast food outlets provide for convenient lunchtime food and beverages for shoppers, giving people who are working in the city reason to spend more time in the mall. It can be considered as a one-stop shopping centre that caters to all the shopping needs of commuters. Chicken Licken, Chessa Nyama, and KFC are among the franchised fast food outlets. Anchor tenants that rent retail property in the Golden Walk include, but are not limited to, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, and Shoprite.

High Monthly Foot Count

The average monthly foot count is 1,2 million, making it one of the busiest shopping centres in Germiston. Only around 12% of the shoppers arrive by passenger vehicle, with over 70% of the visitors commuting by taxis. Though most of the shoppers are taxi commuters, the Golden Walk still has ample parking space. Indeed, with 1650 parking spaces, it can accommodate a large number of cars at a time. If you need more reasons to consider before renting Germiston retail property at the Golden Walk, reflect on the marketing opportunities offered to the retailers. There are no fewer than 20 exhibition courts, providing space where retailers can interact with customers, display new products, conduct market research, or even just use the spaces for brand awareness campaigns. The exhibition courts are ideally located to cash in on display potential and foot traffic. It is also possible for tenants to use the parking space for the hosting of special or marketing events.

Great Exposure

The Golden Walk advertises on their Facebook page and provides many opportunities to highlight special events or exhibitions. Apart from the social media exposure, the retail property tenants in this busy Germiston mall benefit from the centre’s Web marketing. You also do not have to be concerned about power outages (and thus retail interruptions), as the centre is equipped with a backup generator to cater for such occasions.

At Redefine Properties, we go the extra mile to ensure that we can offer the best possible retail property, also in the Germiston CBD. Download the Golden Walk brochure and call us to enquire about available retail property space in the mall.