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Industrial Properties

Published: 11 April 2017

Cape Town Remains a Hotspot for Industrial Property Development

Cape Town is at the forefront of industrial property developments. The city’s port location, limited space and the increased demand for consumer products through imports have added to the demand for more prime industrial space.

Three key industrial properties form part of Redefine’s property portfolio: Golf Air Park, CTX Business Park and Brackengate Phase 2.

Golf Air Park

Covering an area of 12 000m2, Golf Air Park is located a mere 2km from Cape Town International Airport and 10 minutes’ drive to the city centre. With ample commuter transport available via BRT, train, minibus or mass commuting bus services from areas such as Belhar and Nyanga, it boasts a central location for employment purposes. Golf Air Park consists of several industrial properties ranging in size from 1117 to 3246m2 to suit tenant warehouse size requirements. Redefine’s commitment to sustainable development is evident in its intended 4-star Green Star SA rating on the new development.

Energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and ergonomic design principles are the desired characteristics of the new portion of the industrial park to be developed. It will have excellent Security, including external lights, electric perimeter fencing and 24-hour Security. A fire sprinkler system ensures that tenants can also save on insurance. The offices will be modern and come with air conditioning, while every warehouse will be supplied with 160 A 3-phase electricity.

CTX Business Park

Located on Freight Agents Road at Airport Industria, CTX Business Park is one of Cape Town’s prime industrial properties offering offices, mezzanine areas and warehouses suitable for light industrial applications. Each unit has an office and mezzanine space. With easy access to Modderdam Road and the N2 it makes distribution to and from the park straightforward. The park is within 15 minutes’ drive from the Northern suburbs and the central city district, which is beneficial for executives and business clients. The second phase development of CTX includes units in the size range of 325 to 550m2 with double volume space, maximising usage of natural light to ensure energy efficiency.

Reception spaces, offices and storage space on the mezzanine accompany each of the warehouse units. Warehouse Security is enhanced with drive-in roller shutters. The layout was carefully planned to make provision for the turning space required by larger freight trucks and driving space needed for multiple trucks. Security is further enhanced with full 24-hour Security, gate access control, CCTV monitoring, and electric fencing. The park has well-manicured landscapes, adding to the prestige and tranquil work surroundings. With superb visibility on Freight Agent and Borcherds Quarry, tenants also benefit from additional signage potential.

The location could not be any closer to the airport. CTX Phase 2 is only 50 metres from the cargo terminal of Cape Town International Airport, helping to minimise transport costs and ensuring faster product delivery and shipment to the warehouses. The park’s central location gives tenants a competitive edge when it comes to easy shipment of products. With over 4100m2 of space available, the park can accommodate medium and very large storage requirements.

Brackengate Phase 2

Forming part of the greater Brackengate industrial precinct and consisting of 160 ha of land, the second phase (of which Redefine Properties has a 50,1% shareholding) is alongside the R300 highway near the upmarket northern part of Cape Town. Redefine works in collaboration with well-known developer VDMV Property Group to develop 95 ha of the land to accommodate logistics, warehouses, wholesale enterprises, and DIY retail.

The three land parcels of Main, Triangle and Stikland make up the Brackengate track of land. Redefine has DIY retail space in mind to cater to the home improvement sector, while the Triangle parcel of land will be allocated to the motor trade and Stikland used for clearance applications. To ensure optimal access to the park, Redefine works with the City of Cape Town to develop additional off- and on-ramps to connect with Bottelary Road. This will enable access to the adjacent R300 and the N1, adding tremendous distribution capacity for the tenants.

Brackengate 2 has been noted as one of the most valuable pieces of industrial property in Cape Town, also because it links to other main industrial areas through a number of routes including the N2, R102 and R101.

Working together with VDMV, Redefine is able to benefit from VDMV’s previous experience in development of Brackengate Phase 1, while Redefine offers exceptional property development and investment experience. The unique design and layout of the park allows for diversification of space usage, which will be more convenient for the tenants and their customers.

Redefine continues to invest in the purchasing and upgrading of industrial properties in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and KwaZulu-Natal, all considered super industrial growth zones of the country.