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Johannesburg CBD Commercial Properties to Rent

Published: 13 March 2018

Flexible Lease Options on Commercial Properties to Rent in Johannesburg CBD

Businesses looking for commercial properties to rent in the Johannesburg CBD will be especially appreciative of the convenient central location of Matlotlo House, a commercial property of Redefine Properties. Located at 94 and 96 Main Street in the Johannesburg CBD, Matlotlo House is close to various retail outlets, food courts, and South Africa’s leading banks. It is also close to the Carlton Centre and Gandhi Square. Office space is available under our Space2Spec rental offering. Also forming part of our portfolio of available commercial properties to rent in the Johannesburg CBD is the very famous Jewel City, with its main entrance at 255 Main Street in Johannesburg. It is home to over 300 jewellery manufacturers and diamond dealers, including the State Trader Association and Diamond Board. Jewel City covers six blocks in the eastern part of the Johannesburg CBD.

More About the Johannesburg CBD

The inner city of Johannesburg consists of various districts, with many of the corporate giants still having their head offices in the CBD. As such, a range of quality commercial properties to rent can still be found in the Johannesburg CBD near several of the top JSE-listed firms. Diagonal Street is located in Braamfontein, which is also where the well-known Wits University can also be found. The Nelson Mandela Bridge and various sought-after commercial properties to rent can also be found in this sector of the city.

Newtown is close to the Johannesburg CBD and is considered to be the cultural hotspot of the inner-city area. Fordsburg lies to the west of the CBD, and this is where the Asian Bazaar can be found, with the eastern part of the city taken up by the Fashion District, also home to Jewel City. Also in the eastern part of the CBD is the Maboneng Precinct, which is known for its artsy shops. The sport mecca of the city, Ellis Park Stadium, also known as Emirates Airline Park, can be found, surrounded by the suburbs of Troyeville, Doornfontein, Hillbrow, Berea, and Bertrams.

Our Space2Spec Offering Provides More Flexibility in Rental Agreements

Space2Spec is a new Redefine offering, aimed at prospective tenants that require new business premises. It makes it possible for the tenants to customise their lease on the selected properties offered as part of Space2Spec. Most clients choose the free rental option, though it is possible to customise the rental on, for example, selected Johannesburg CBD commercial properties to rent, according to the clients’ requirements. Clients can choose between the 5-year and the 3-year Space2Spec rental deals. With the 5-year deals, clients are able to use up to 50% of their first two years of rental for structuring a rental deal to suit their particular requirements. If they choose the 3-year Space2Spec offering, they are entitled to use up to 30% of their first two years’ rental to structure a rental agreement to suit their specific requirements.

Clients can structure their rental deal to get 100% of the value of the rental deal upfront, or they can spread it over the first two years of their lease. As an alternative, they can choose IT cabling, furniture, tenant installation costs, relocation costs, or a combination of the above, as long as it does not exceed 30% or 50% of the first two years’ rental respectively, depending whether they choose the 3- or 5-year Space2Spec offering. The Space2Spec offering is subject to the meeting terms and conditions as stipulated in the brochure that can be downloaded from our site.

Why Rent Redefine Commercial Properties in the Johannesburg CBD?

Redefine Properties has a diversified property portfolio amounting to a value of more than R72 billion of local and international properties. With this diversified property portfolio, we benefit from various reliable income streams. We focus on investment and development of properties that have excellent growth potential but, to ensure stability, we ensure that there is a healthy balance of defensive investments and improvable assets through resource and value-added development.

Our commercial properties to rent, including offices in the Johannesburg CBD, are well-managed and we continually improve the quality of our property portfolio by means of development and refurbishment. This ensures that clients get modern, neat, and relevant office spaces suitable for the competitive business environments of today.