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KZN North Coast Industrial Property

Published: 13 March 2018

KZN North Coast Industrial Property for Importers and Distributors of Consumer Products

South Africa’s manufacturing industry has experienced a considerable decline over the past decade, with imports and distribution now taking the front seat. More and more companies are looking for industrial property on or near the KZN North Coast to rent in secure parks and mix-use precincts. Renting industrial property on the KZN North Coast near the airport, connected to main arterial routes, and within easy reach of the harbour, also makes perfect economic sense. It is important to ensure the shortest distance between the harbour and the airport to the warehouse unit. At the same time, it is essential to have an address that facilitates easy and reliable commuting for workers to and from their places of work. Companies operating in the light industrial sector, logistics, distribution, and wholesale will thus appreciate our selection of industrial properties in the Durban area, at the foot of the KZN North Coast. 

101 Lawley

With an address on 101 Lawley Street in Jacobs, a suburb of Durban, this industrial property is well-located for manufacturers, logistics providers, and distributors operating on the KZN North Coast. We offer the potential for redevelopment to prospective tenants, subject to 50% pre-lets.

18 Halifax Road

The newly revamped industrial park located in the central business district of Pinetown in KZN, offers units suitable for manufacturing, as it boasts 3-phase power and container access.


Murrayfield is another industrial property to consider for companies operating on the KZN North Coast. It features a central location on 2 Prospecton Road. This provides for access to the N2 highway, an important arterial road. Murrayfield lies within the Toyota Precinct, which makes it perfect for companies that import and distribute vehicle parts.


Located in Verulam on Syringa Road in the mixed-use area of Cornubia, uShukela is merely 15 minutes’ drive from King Shaka International Airport and 10 km from the town of Umhlanga on the KZN North Coast. It is also located near the Gateway and the Cornubia shopping centres. This provides for the perfect address for companies looking for industrial property to rent near the retailers of their products. It is also within easy reach of the M41, R102, and N2, facilitating faster transportation and travelling from Durban harbour. Cornubia is a new and exciting development on the KZN North Coast in which human settlements are near the retail centres, offices, and industrial parks. As such, employees do not have to travel far to get to work. This helps to reduce traffic congestion problems, reduces the time that employees spend on the road, and helps to create more jobs. Higher-density areas and upmarket residential abodes form part of the precinct.

Cato Ridge Distribution Centre

The industrial property sector in South Africa is performing well, though some of the older types of properties have somewhat fallen out of favour. Companies are therefore looking for new developments, refurbished properties, and industrial parks located near shopping centres, employees, harbours, and airports. Redefine Properties recognises the need for modern warehouse facilities that suit client requirements. We understand that more and more people buy goods online, and imports are now playing an increasingly important role in the economy. As such, companies look for facilities specifically designed for distribution of their imported products. To this end, the Cato Ridge Distribution Centre is the perfect answer for importers and distributors of products in KZN.

The Cato Ridge Distribution Centre is halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and therefore ideally located for businesses who want to be close to both Durban and Pietermaritzburg, as well as the southern strip of the KZN North Coast region. It has the perfect address for product distributors and wholesalers. Located 35 minutes’ drive from Pietermaritzburg and 20 minutes from Durban, the industrial property is suited to companies looking for a central distribution property.

Why Rent Redefine Industrial Properties?

Redefine offers the Space2Spec rental agreement for prospective tenants looking to relocate their operations or wanting to rent industrial property for the first time. This makes it possible for tenants to benefit from flexible rental agreements. Lease agreements are available for three or five years under the Space2Spec offering on selected industrial properties on or adjacent to the KZN North Coast. The tenants can opt for upfront 100% rent-free or, alternatively, choose tenant installation, furniture, or relocation costs savings to the value of 30% or 50% of their first two years’ rental, depending on the plan they choose. Talk to us about your options today.