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Shop to Let

Published: 14 May 2020

Shop to Let Opportunities in Cities Across South Africa


Whether you search for a shop to let in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mossel Bay or Pretoria, our portfolio of retail centres does not disappoint. We briefly share information about three of the retail centres to give you a better idea of the types of shopping centres that form part of our portfolio.


But first, three factors that should be considered when you look for a retail shop to let:


  • Foot traffic
  • Accessibility
  • Co-tenants


Foot Traffic


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking for shop to let opportunities is the traffic count of the mall. It refers to how many people pass the store in a given day, month, or year. The traffic count thus provides you with an estimate of the number of people that may buy from your store. You will notice that each of the malls in our portfolio has a high foot traffic count. This is important as it also means that the potential income-generating capacity is high if you make use of any of our shop to let offerings.




Where is the mall located? It matters because people tend to shop at easily accessible shopping centres. In this regard, factors such as proximity to main routes, highways and residential areas must be considered. How many parking bays are offered? Is there free or paid parking? How many entrances does the mall have and what are the trading hours? Do commuters pass the centre on route to work or home? Is the centre close to a school, medical centre, or office parks? Once again, our malls meet the accessibility requirement with:


  • Superb locations
  • Ample parking space
  • Good security
  • Wheelchair-friendly facilities
  • Family-friendly facilities
  • Reasonable trading hours
  • Proximity to main routes, public transport hubs or routes and residential areas
  • Accessible entrance and exit points




The other tenants in the centre also attract foot traffic from which your store can benefit. It thus makes sense to consider shop to let opportunities in malls with high annual traffic and top brands among their anchor tenants. The number of tenants also affects the traffic to the centre. Having a balanced mix of tenants further benefits the retailers. You will find that our shop to let opportunities are in malls with:


  • High foot traffic
  • Stable anchor tenants
  • Balanced mix of tenants
  • Top brands among the anchor tenants
  • Fair number of tenants to attract traffic


Below is the introduction to some of our malls where shop to let opportunities become available from time to time.


Goldfields Mall in Welkom, Free State


Located in the Welkom CBD, the Goldfields Mall shopping mall attracts visitors from Welkom residential areas, Hoopstad, Virginia, Hennenman, Bultfontein, and Kroonstad. The retail centre is the hub for social activities in the region. With its 37 789 m² retail space, it provides for a convenient and attractive town square feeling. National retailers with the likes of Checkers, Woolworths, and Dis-Chem are among the anchor tenants. The tenant mix includes fashion stores, luggage product providers, mobile communication service providers, banks, and eateries. It offers something for everyone. Ample parking space is available. It has 93 tenants, giving visitors a wide variety and thus sufficient reason to visit the mall on a more regular basis.


The Mall @ Scottsville in Pietermaritzburg, KZN


If you want a shop to let in KZN, consider the amazing features of this mall located in the heart of the city. It is on Alan Paton Drive, which is a busy thoroughfare. The mall has good security and offers a safe shopping environment. Many families frequent the mall with its superb range of offerings that include from eateries to beauty salons, banking facilities and more. The mall has an annual foot count of 4 430 093. It has 48 tenants among which Checkers and Food Lover’s Market count as anchor tenants.


Hazeldean Square, Silver Lakes in Pretoria, Gauteng


The mall with its open-air character is located in the up-market area of Silver Lakes. It has 36 tenants with Pick n Pay and Woolworths Foods as anchor tenants. Retailers such as stationers, eateries, car wash facilities, vehicle repair centres, beauty salons, and medical facilities provide for shopping convenience at its best. Ample parking space, exceptionally easy access from main routes and proximity to residential areas are among the reasons for the high annual foot count of 2 880 000.


The mentioned centres are only three of our malls in South Africa. View the extensive range under the Other Indoor and Outdoor Spaces category and contact us for more information about the shop to let opportunities at any of our centres.