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Western Cape Industrial Property

Published: 24 February 2020

Where to Find the Best Western Cape Industrial Property


When it comes to Western Cape industrial property, Brackengate 2 ranks amongst the best. Located in Brackenfell, this development has the perfect address for logistics operations, warehousing, and product distribution in Cape Town. With the Western Cape being such a large province, products that are imported through the Port of Cape Town or the airport must be transported by rail or road to the outlying areas and towns. When thus choosing a Western Cape industrial property from where to distribute products to clients in other areas of the province, an address with easy access to the arterial routes, airport, and harbour is essential. To this end, Brackengate 2 meets all the requirements of a superbly located industrial property.


Being in Brackenfell, this industrial property also boasts an address close to upmarket residential areas and shopping facilities. Important routes run through Brackenfell, including the R300, Bottelary Road (M23), the N1, and the Old Paarl Road (R101). Bottelary Road is a main road for access to Stellenbosch and the Swartland area of the province and the N1 connects the city with the inland. Brackengate is located on the R300 and, as a prime Western Cape development, it is one of our flagship developments in the province. It covers 21 000 m2 and includes a DIY lifestyle retail component; this caters to upper-income shoppers. True to our commitment to meet tenants’ requirements, the development includes custom-designed spaces for light-industrial businesses. The easy access to the port, Cape Town International Airport, and the surrounding towns is what makes this such an attractive option for companies operating in the import, distribution, and warehousing industries. Fruit & Veg and Checkers have seen the potential and already have distribution centres at the development.


Some reasons why the development is considered a prime industrial property:


  • The various security controls that are in place.
  • Its proximity to the harbour, airport, and main routes.
  • Its easy access to main routes that connect to other suburbs and towns.
  • The customisation available according to tenants’ requirements.
  • The contemporary architecture and modern facilities.
  • The ample turning space on the premises.
  • The large, landscaped areas.
  • The sustainability features.
  • Its proximity to residential areas, business partners, and retail clients.
  • Its energy-efficient solutions.


These features make it ideal when it comes to the perfect industrial property from where to distribute products to clients in the Western Cape. Brackengate 2 leads the way when it comes to the future of mixed-use areas in the province. A closer look at some of its features provides insight as to why renting space here is beneficial:


  • Large open and pause spaces. Rather than only surrounding the buildings with paved areas, the designers have included a green component with several water-wise features, in addition to areas where people can relax. Of course, the lush gardens create a feeling of serenity but is also important to reduce the environmental footprint of economic activity in the city. Green spaces are also important as noise buffers.
  • Internet connectivity and fast communication. Digital communication is the way forward. Webinars, web-based conferences, VoIP, and HD streaming are important for modern business operations. To be competitive, especially when working with overseas suppliers and several branches throughout the country, high-speed Internet, secure voice communication, and the easy use of cloud application use are essential. Sophisticated and reliable fibre infrastructure is in place at the development, making it possible to have all the above and more.
  • Green and environmentally sustainable features. Energy efficiency is essential to keep businesses’ operational costs low. However, it is also important for compliance with environmental regulations and to reduce your company’s environmental footprint. Renting space at this unique Western Cape industrial property makes it possible for your business to reduce its energy footprint and costs. The buildings meet the XA Energy Efficiency requirements, helping you reduce your carbon footprint as well.
  • Secure environment. Improved security helps to reduce insurance costs. The risks of theft, unauthorised access, and armed robbery are considerably reduced when adequate security is in place. Brackengate 2 ticks every box with 24/7 security that includes gated access control, electric perimeter fences, and camera surveillance.


Download the brochure for this Western Cape industrial property from our website and get in touch for more information on available space, also at related properties in the city.