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Western Cape Industrial Property to Let

Published: 13 March 2018

Western Cape Industrial Property to Let in the Impressive Brackengate 2 Development

If you are looking for sought-after Western Cape industrial property to let, consider the features of Brackengate 2. A more conveniently located business park is hard to find. Brackengte 2 is located along the R300 highway and is considered one of the most valuable Western Cape industrial nodes. The park’s location provides for easy access to Stellenbosch, as well as the N1 and N2, which are the two busiest and most most important national roads in the Western Cape. With a new offramp that connects the R300 and Bottelary Road, accessibility to the precinct has been greatly eased.


If you are thus looking for Western Cape industrial property to let with superb accessibility from main routes and just as good accessibility to the Port of Cape Town, the Cape Town International Airport, and the Brackenfell and Stikland railway stations, Brackengate 2 is the answer. Brackengate 2 is an exciting new development, offering some of the best Western Cape industrial properties to let for light manufacturing and warehousing enterprises. What makes the business park unique is that it also offers a lifestyle retail and home improvement centre.

Custom Design

If your company is looking for Western Cape industrial property to let that also offers an upmarket address, you need to consider our offer to develop the facilities that will meet your company’s particular business needs within the node. The industrial property to let at Brackengate 2 is custom-built to meet the requirements of tenants, whether for logistics, light manufacturing, warehousing, or home-improvement outlets. Your firm will thus benefit from the space and facilities that meet your specific operational requirements. We make sure that Brackengate 2 is among the most efficient and professionally managed industrial properties in the entire Western Cape, to ensure optimal benefit for clients. You design your firm’s space requirements and are thus in control of your particular facility.

Modern Urban Design

This light industrial office park has been designed according to modern urban planning principles for improved comfort, superb security, and effectiveness. The park boasts large open areas, well-maintained and stunningly designed gardens, good road infrastructure, and ample parking. Features, such as the ones already mentioned, add to the popularity and value of the park. If you thus want industrial property to let, offering of the most pleasant and efficient work environments in the Western Cape, Brackengate 2 should be your firm’s first choice. With a safe and pleasant work environment to offer employees, your company’s ability to attract the best key personnel is significantly enhanced.

Best Security

Of course, even with all the peace and tranquillity in the world, superb access to main routes, custom-designed options, and modern finishes, it would all come to naught without the assurance of top-notch security. You will be pleased to learn that the park also boasts state-of-the-art security, with sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems in place, in addition to gated access control, and electric perimeter fencing.

Advanced Technology and High-Speed Connectivity

Because businesses operate in the modern world of technology, it is essential that this particularly sought-after Western Cape industrial property should also offer high-speed Internet connectivity. In this regard, you will certainly not be disappointed with this property, as advanced, high-speed fibre optic infrastructure is already in place. We will also work with your firm to design your new industrial premises to meet your technology requirements.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is high on the list of priorities for any of our new developments. As such, every property made available to let at Brackengate 2 will comply with the XA Energy Efficiency calculations. In addition, we will work with you as our tenant to create a sustainable business and industrial park to ensure low operational costs and a reduction of the carbon footprint of each building.

Tranquil Surrounds

Sustainability is also extended to the landscaping aspect of the park. Only indigenous and water-efficient ground covers and trees will be planted. We will plant shade trees throughout to create cooler outdoor spaces, while large open areas will help to create ample places of relaxation in a park setting.

Brackengate 2 is a revolutionary development and your firm can be an exciting part of it. Enquire about Western Cape industrial property to let in this unique business and industrial node that offers everything your firm can want, including technology, custom-designed spaces, accessibility, security, and sustainability.