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Why Rent Shared Office Space at Alice Lane in Sandton?

Published: 02 December 2020

Shared office space has several advantages for the small- to medium-sized corporation. For one, it enables the firm to have a prestigious address in, for instance, Sandton, without having to rent an entire floor or building. Some of the other advantages are briefly noted below.


Central Reception Area


Rather than having to allocate space to a dedicated reception area, which needs to be manned throughout the day, your firm benefits from having one large reception area where visitors are received. The floorspace saved translates into cost savings for the firm.


Professional Image


The reception area is also the window dressing for a company. It is the first contact that the visitor has with the business. Usually, as is the case with the office space offerings in our portfolio, the reception area is modern and styled with exclusivity in mind. Your firm benefits from the immediate professional image created through the reception area.


Scale Up as You Need


Rather than having a long-term lease agreement for an entire floor, rent one of our luxury shared office spaces and upgrade to renting a floor or building when your business is well-established. That is, whereas you can start small, once your company has grown to the level where you need more space, you can scale up as required.


Close Proximity to Business Partners


If you are a law firm specialising in conveyancing, you will, for instance, benefit from the proximity to a surveyor or town planning company. With the shared office space concept, it is possible to rent a semi-furnished workplace and share the address with firms operating within the same or a related industry.


Shared Facilities


Benefit from having access to well-equipped boardroom facilities, neat and tranquil pause spaces, parking, Wi-Fi, security, and more.


Rental Opportunities Available


We offer the Flexi Office solution. This works on the basis of shared office space in the sense that your firm rents stylish, semi-furnished offices that share reception areas, boardroom facilities, and addresses. You also benefit from the prestigious addresses and from not having to enter into long-term lease agreements. The Flexi Office opportunities vary according to size, address, types of facilities, finishes, and contract terms.


Examples range from offices in the prestigious Alice Lane in Sandton where the boardroom, reception, and kitchen facilities are communal, to that of Bally Oaks where the suites are also tastefully finished and where tenants share utilities while they must arrange for their own Wi-Fi.




Why Rent Shared Office Space in Sandton?


Sandton is considered the epitome of the prestigious suburbs in South Africa. It ranks at the top when it comes to business districts that are popular with blue-chip and multi-national companies.


Sandton is centrally located to the north of Johannesburg, giving it an address close to Bryanston, Kyalami, Randburg, Rosebank, and Midrand. The road infrastructure is exceptionally well-developed for easy commuting to and from work. Many of South Africa’s best hotels are located within, or close to, Sandton CBD.


Most of the commercial properties in our Sandton portfolio are within easy reach of the highways, arterial routes, and upmarket shopping facilities, including the likes of Nelson Mandela Square.


Alice Lane


The commercial property has an address at the corner of 5th Street and Alice Lane and ranks among our flagship properties. What makes this address so perfect is the executive styling, proximity to some of the best shopping facilities in Johannesburg, and its short distance from equally impressive hotels. It is a business lifestyle precinct, giving it a vibrant character.


The Alice Lane Precinct boasts three corporate towers, connected through a green area piazza. The precinct is highly accessible with access points on three sides. It features a pedestrian-friendly character and cutting-edge building systems in line with sustainable building principles. The precinct has a 4-Star Green Star South African Building Council rating. The building materials used are non-toxic, and you can expect to rent office space in a healthier business environment in the heart of Sandton.


With the property design and facilities specifically developed to meet the commercial property needs of leading corporations in the country, you will share an address with some of the top companies in the country.


Get in touch for more information if your firm wants to experience the benefits of renting shared office space in the heart of Sandton.