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REACH Incentive Programme

Reaching out and connecting with you, our broker community, is important to us

Without you, our invaluable brokers, we’d be left with vacant properties and unfilled leases. We realise the pressures you face daily in the frontlines of the property market, and so we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to reward you for placing tenants in our properties.

At Redefine, we value relationships above all else, and recognise that only through powerful, positive partnerships are we able to reach our full potential. To this end, our REACH Incentive Programme is just one way to express our gratitude, and to acknowledge your key role in the success of Redefine.

Beyond your usual commissions and bonuses, we thus offer our brokers meaningful travel experiences that will create enduring memories and enrich you personally. Without further ado, welcome to the 2019/2021 REACH incentive: an amazing and awe-inspiring adventure in the Amazon rainforest.

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