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REACH Incentive Programme 2022/2023

Connecting with you, our invaluable broker community, is a priority for us

Although life is slowly returning to normal, the life of a broker on the frontlines of the property market is always one of pressure, high stakes and hustle. And what would we do without you? We’d have vacant properties and unfilled leases!

At Redefine, we know that it is people who create value and that without positive, dynamic partnerships we cannot reach our full potential. It is with this in mind that we designed the Reach Incentive Programme – to thank you, our hard-working brokers; to acknowledge your pivotal role in Redefine’s success; and, of course, to reward you for placing tenants in our properties.

Through the Reach Incentive Programme we offer our brokers meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, beyond the usual commissions and bonuses. Which brings us to the 2022/2023 Reach Incentive event! What do picturesque seaside towns, beautiful beaches, luscious limoncello liqueur, authentic Italian cuisine, and centuries of history have in common? The Amalfi coast in Italy, our magnifica Reach Incentive 2022/2023 destination!

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